The dramatic search of the in Spain in a deep well shaft missing two-year-old Julen continues for several days after the Disappearance of the boy’s intense. The helpers are progressing with the drilling of the parallel rescue tunnel is slower than planned. In the night they came again to, in part, “extremely hard boulders”, quoted by Spanish media to the speaker of the helper, Ángel García Vidal.

Until the lunch had been dug, therefore, only 53 of a total of 60 meters, reported the newspaper “El País”, referring to the rescue teams at the scene of the incident in Totalán, close to the Andalusian coastal city of Malaga. If the first vertical Tunnel is completed, want to experts to dig manually is a four-Meter-long horizontal Tunnel to reach the place where Julen is suspected. This means that according to his calculations, that the Young can not be before Tuesday afternoon will be recovered.

Julen still alive?

Of the child since 13. January no sign of life. With each Minute, the hopes of a happy outcome are, therefore, low. Experts assure however, that it is not excluded that the child was still alive.

Dramatic race against the clock

The helpers to dig and dig, but no one knows whether the two-year-old Julen is still alive


The Small is supposed to have fallen during a trip to his family in the hole that has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters. In the case of camera shots, was discovered in the shaft at a depth of 70 meters, a bag of candy that Julen had. Loose earth prevented a deeper Penetration with the camera. Experts declared a similar emergency in such depth is worldwide unprecedented.

After the completion of the tunnel, which runs parallel to the shaft, the walls of the hole, attached, to prevent landslides. Then, experienced a mine should produce workers with pickaxes and jackhammers the bottom of a first horizontal connection to the shaft, in the Julen is suspected. This will be needed according to the helper again 20 to 24 hours.

manhole without permission

The shaft was drilled, according to media reports in search of water without a permit, drilled 107 meters deep. The rescuers hope to be able to the child at a depth of 70 to 80 meters. A platform to stabilize the drilling machine had been installed in about 20 meters depth 53 meters were penetrated, the helpers since then. In order to reach the target depth of 80 meters, were missing on Monday afternoon, thus, approximately seven meters.

residents from Totalán show for a week of tirelessly in solidarity with the child and his desperate parents. With posters and signs they tried to make the family courage. “The whole of Spain is with you”, was there to read to, “hope”, or, on a heart-shaped Transparent – simply “Julen”.

tkr / DPA