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the Norwegian secret service boss expresses concerns against Huawei (17.37 PM)Von der Leyen says Lithuania with German assistance (17.24 PM)Porsche works Council chief Hück wants to be in politics (16.35)prison sentences because of Hungary’s worst environmental disaster (16.15)EU Delegation determined after meat scandal in Poland (15.33 PM)

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+++ 18.10: Eight Dead in fire in Moscow +++

The fire in a seven-storey multi-family house in Moscow eight people have been killed. Among the Victims, two small children, the Russian authorities, according to Reports by local media on Monday. In the course of the day, the rescue workers have discovered more and more bodies. The fire had spread in the night of Monday in the upper floors. Many people were brought to safety in time.

broke out and So the fire was initially unclear. The investigators have initiated a criminal case for negligent homicide. The building was built in the year 1914. The authorities feared that parts of the house could collapse.

+++ 18 p.m.: rescuers buddy, get after days in stürztem mine in Peru +++

In Peru, rescue workers have brought to four since Thursday in their mine included buddy from 1050 meters depth. As the energy and mining Ministry announced on Sunday, was the crash in the 3400 meters of altitude coal mine Pampahuay in Oyón, 200 kilometres North-East of Lima. Rescue teams worked their way to the men, which were supplied via hoses with oxygen and water.

After her rescue, the members of tears of joy and hugs. According to the authorities, in Oyón the hospital brought miners showed no serious damage to Health.

The summer is in the Andes of Peru by heavy rains with landslides and Flooding. The mining industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the national economy. Peru is rich in Gold, silver and copper.

+++ 17: 45: number of fatalities after a dam break in Brazil rises to 134 +++

After the dam break at an iron ore mine in Brazil, the number of confirmed deaths has risen to 134. 199 other people were still missing, the civil protection authority said. The number of dead is likely to rise further. According to the estimates of the rescue forces, the prospect of finding Survivors is hardly. On Monday, the forces wanted to start, in the search of heavy equipment. It should be expected that not all the bodies can be recovered, said fire Department spokesman Pedro Aihara.

+++ 17.37 PM: the Norwegian intelligence service chief expresses concerns against Huawei +++

The use of Huawei technology is also in Norway to the reservations. The Head of the domestic intelligence service PST warned of possible security risks through the use of the network products of the Chinese group. As long as companies in China are required to cooperate with the government, could be a player like Huawei under “influence” of Beijing, said PST Boss Benedicte björn country.

From Huawei is therefore required mindfulness, said björn country with the presentation of a report to the security risks for 2019. In Norway, the construction of the mobile radio network is, as well as in Germany after the future 5G Standard. For 4G network, the two major providers Telenor and Telia Huawei technology used.

Huawei is one of the world’s largest network-equipment supplier. However, the Chinese group has been the subject of criticism. The United States and other countries accuse him of too great a proximity to the Chinese authorities, and will see Huawei as a threat to your cyber security. The company rejects the allegations.

+++ 17.24 Uhr: Von der Leyen, Lithuania with German assistance and investment +++

defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, Lithuania has assured the long-term military assistance of Germany and investments in the military infrastructure of the EU and Nato heads of state announced. says “We will remain with the armed forces here as long as we are needed,” said the CDU politician at a ceremony on the second anniversary of the deployment of Nato troops under German leadership on the military base Rukla. They also promised to 2021, a total of 110 million euros in the barracks and the surrounding training grounds stuck.

+++ 16.35 PM: Porsche works Council chief Hück wants to be in politics +++

the Porsche works Council chief Uwe Hück his resignation has been announced. “I want to go into politics,” said the 56-Year-old on Monday at a staff meeting in Stuttgart.

In the municipal elections later this year, he wants to let in Pforzheim, the local Council can choose. In this case, the SPD-member wants to go with a list of their own into the race, and not for the social Democrats. With the party, he went hard to the court: “If the SPD continues in this way, they will destroy their heritage.”

For 22 years Hück works Council is the chief in various fora since 2002, he has served as Chairman of the General works Council, the Supreme voice of the workers in the sports – and all-terrain vehicle manufacturer. His Supervisory Board mandates in the VW group, he lays been down

+++ 16.15: prison sentences sentenced to More than eight years after the worst environmental catastrophe of Hungary are a good eight years after Hungary’s worst environmental disaster +++

two Managers of a chemical to met accident more years in prison. For the former boss of the operator of TIME, Zoltan Bakonyi, was ordered by a court in Györ two and a half years in prison, his then Deputy, is behind for two years grid. Against seven other defendants parole sentences have been imposed, an accused person has been officially reprimanded by the judicial system, and five more were acquitted.

The convictions were for negligent homicide, injury to public property, violations of waste management rules and environmental pollution. The indictment had stated that the accused persons could have been victims of the deadly accident with ten deaths and more than 200 injured prevent.

In a first process were spoken in January of 2016, all of the accused free, the public Prosecutor has lodged an appeal. An appeals court in Györ ordered then in February 2017, the process to reopen. Since the judgements by the Assembly were taken, therefore, in turn, in the first instance, the process involved re-appeal

+++ 15.33 PM: EU Delegation determined after meat scandal in Poland +++

As a reaction to a meat scandal in a beef slaughterhouse in Poland, experts determine the EU-Commission now. The Brüsseler Delegation will analyze five day length in cooperation with the Polish authorities on the Situation, said the head of Poland’s veterinary supervision Pawel Niemczuk. Planned inspections by local veterinary authorities and abattoirs. In a month a report should be ready, as a Commission spokesperson added in Brussels.

Background information on the Polish news channel TVN24 on scandalous practices in a slaughterhouse situated in the Masovian Voivodeship. In the now-closed operating sick animals are to be slaughtered at night, secretly.

Polish authorities, according to about 9.5 tons were beef and veal in Poland and in other EU countries. According to the EU Commission, at least 15 States are affected. This also includes Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Portugal, according to the prior in addition to Poland.

+++ 15.29 at: record number of in candidacy for the Ukrainian presidential election +++

a Few weeks before the presidential election, as many Ukrainians as never before explained in the recent history of the country of your candidacy. Officially so far, 28 candidates had been registered, Ukrainian media reported. The record was previously on 26 candidates in the year 2004. Alone on the last date of submission of 17 contenders, including the incumbent, Petro Poroshenko submitted, your documents. A total of 89 men and women had applied, many applications have already been rejected.

The election Commission in Kiev has until next Friday to decide on the remaining applications. Incumbent Poroshenko to fear in voting for his re-election. In recent surveys, the comedian Vladimir Selenski is located in front of Ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Poroshenko is a distant third place. The first ballot will take place on 31. The end of March. A runoff election is highly likely.


bargain in the Eifel region: the ruins of Adenauer’s Villa to be auctioned on Ebay

+++ 14.57 PM: Adenauer’s youngest daughter at the age of 90, The youngest daughter of the first German Federal Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, Libet Werhahn, died +++

is dead. She was died yesterday in Neuss, after a short illness at the age of 90 years, said Corinna Franz, the managing Director of the Stiftung Bundeskanzler-Adenauer-Haus, now under appeal to the family of the German press Agency. Since Adenauer was in his time as Chancellor from 1949 to 1963, already a widower, accompanied him instead, often the daughter in the course of official Visit in the United States.

+++ 14.50 PM: motorists want to save with the blue light on the roof Park fees +++

Using a Baulichts on his car roof, a man has tried in Bavaria, to save Parking fees. A witness observed on Saturday, as the 65-Year-old directly in front of a luxury Munich hotel in the blue light, to give the impression of a used vehicle, the police announced today. The employees of the municipal transport monitoring had doubts as to the legality and informed the police. The 65-Year-old must answer for itself now because of the fraud. Possibly even the charge of Usurpation in addition, it was said.

+++ 14.43 PM: man locks the car aufbrecher until the Arrival of the police in the car a +++

In North Rhine-Westphalia in Iserlohn, a man has surprised a car aufbrecher and until the Arrival of the police in his vehicle locked up. The owner have to keep the passenger door and the offender thereby the escape of a detained, informed the officials. He had parked his car briefly, and was returned after about ten minutes. He aufbrecher was surprised by two Car. One of the men fled, but the one on the front Passenger seat, sitting offender was no longer possible. Police officers arrested the 43-Year-old. He had a mobile navigation and a bag of wine gums, came from the car of the Injured party. The man stood after a first evaluation of the investigator during the fact, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He was taken into custody.

+++ 13.52 PM: After the Robbery: man with a watch in the amount of 125,000 Euro in focus +++

After a robbery at a jewelry store in Amsterdam, the German police have taken the suspects in a bus on the way to Berlin. In the case of the control of the man in the lower Saxon border town of Bunde, the officials in whose Rucksack was discovered on Friday evening an airsoft gun and 14 high-quality watches, such as the Federal police announced today. According to the labels that were still on the watch, amounted to the value of the loot of around 125,000 euros. In the interrogation, the 34-year-old Estonian admitted to the Robbery that had occurred only hours before in the Dutch capital. The Netherlands has already requested the extradition of the man.

+++ 13.39 at: Berlin University withdraws CDU politician Steffel due to plagiarism PhD +++

The Free University of Berlin has withdrawn from the Berlin CDU politician Frank Steffel due to plagiarism in his doctorate. The FU-Bureau had unanimously decided, informed the University. The member of the Bundestag had adopted in his Dissertation from the year 1999, the texts of other authors word for word or almost word for word, without this accordingly. The suspicion was investigated for several months and the Accused has been heard. It was an “at least due to the intentional misrepresentation and a violation of the principle of scientific integrity”, it said.

Steffel is one of the most prominent Christian Democrats in Berlin, and since 2009, member of the Bundestag. As the top candidate of the CDU, he was defeated in the house of representatives, election of 2001, the then Governing mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD). As an economist, he had his doctorate on the topic “importance and development of the entrepreneurs in the new Federal States after the German unification in 1990”.

+++ 13.03 at: father in Berlin, attacked the Savior of his son +++

An ambulance and two paramedics are attacked in Berlin in the care of the patient and been injured. The three men had to cancel the use of an apartment yesterday, and in their ambulance to escape, until the police arrived. Only then will you be able to care for the patient and take him to the hospital, the police announced today. The 44-year-old father was not, therefore, obviously with the treatment methods and began to harass the medic, and berate. As another 18-year-old son came, the Situation escalated.

The forces of the fire brigade fought broke Treatment but finally, and fled out of the house. On the street the attacker punched the paramedic and the new additional ambulance, so that the three rescue workers have been hiding in your vehicle. Only the police could accompany the doctor and the paramedics in the apartment, so the sick son cared for more, and then to the hospital. The police determined against the father, a German-born Turks, and the second son due to a violent attack.

+++ 12.57 PM: 88-year-old motorist dies after collision with S-Bahn +++

In the vicinity of Munich, is a 88-year-old drivers after the collision with a tram and died. The man had crossed with his car in Karpfhofen a manned level-crossing, although a approached in the direction of Munich-driving S-Bahn, informed the police headquarters upper Bavaria North. The S-Bahn’ve dragged the car several hundred meters, the driver died at the scene of the accident. The rail and road traffic had to be temporarily fully disabled.

+++ 12.55 p.m.: investigators: body in the wreckage of the plane of missing property, the footballer Sala discovered +++

Two weeks after the crash of the aircraft with the Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala is a body in the wreck has been discovered. Underwater images of the wrecks, an inmate was seen, informed the British authorities for the investigation of air-driving tion gaps (AAIB). Previously, they had confirmed the discovery of the Remains of the aircraft at the bottom of the English channel, in the out-of-Sala, only the Pilot had been sitting.

+++ 12.13 PM: Beate Zschäpe has been moved to Chemnitz +++

The condemned right terrorist Beate Zschäpe, is in the prison (JVA) in Chemnitz have been installed. She had been brought from Munich to Saxony, informed the prison of Chemnitz. Transport and recording are smooth. The 44-Year-old is originally from Thuringia, but lived most recently in Saxony in the underground. For female prisoners in Saxony, the Chemnitz JVA is responsible.

Zschäpe had been convicted by the higher regional court of Munich last year for ten counts of murder to life imprisonment. In addition, she said the court of membership in a terrorist organization guilty of. Zschäpe had founded together with their friends, Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos, the extreme right-wing terrorist group NSU. Lawyers for the 44-Year-old had announced Revision.

+++ 12.05 PM: the death toll after the Tornado in Havana on six +++

rose After the Tornado in the Cuban capital, Havana, the death toll has risen further. Of the 13 people who had been living in the hurricane a week ago, is in hospital, two had died, informed the Cuban health Minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda, according to state media. Six people came in total, the Tornado killed.

+++ 11.40 PM: Germany recognizes Guaidó as interim President of Venezuela in +++

Germany recognises as several other EU States, the chief of the deposed Venezuelan Parliament, Juan Guaidó, as interim President of the crisis-ridden country. The Deputy government spokesperson Martina Fietz said in Berlin. Previously, a deadline of the controversial socialist President Nicolás Maduro had expired, without that Maduro had announced an appointment for a free and fair presidential election.