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rescue of the boys in the borehole lasts until Monday (16.20 hours), and number of victims after a Pipeline fire in Mexico rises to more than 60 (13.34 PM)New reports of dubious money flows selected on account of Bolsonaros son (13.58 hours), Markus Söder, as the new CSU Chairman (12.26 p.m.)Trump announces opinion on the wall, and Shutdown (0.18 PM)

The news of the weekend in the star-Ticker:

+++ 22.40 PM: Iran rejects spying allegations, from Germany +++

The Iran espionage has rejected allegations of the German government. Iran had “with this abgeblichen Person” – a German-Afghans in the armed forces – had not contact, quoted by the Isna news Agency spokesman Bahram Ghassemi foreign Ministry in the evening. According to Ghassemi enemies want to sabotage “” the historical relations between Iran and the EU, with such insinuations. This was particularly the case for the EU Trio of Germany, France and the UK, which has signed the Vienna nuclear deal in 2015.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office is investigating on suspicion of spying for Iranian intelligence service against a German-Afghan man who was for the army. Against the on Tuesday in the Rhineland arrested man was already on 6. December of last year, a warrant was issued, was notified to the authority.

+++ 22.18 PM: Explosion in Northern Ireland: police investigating car bomb in Londonderry +++

After an Explosion in the centre of the Northern Irish city of Londonderry, the police to Point to a car bomb. The police released the evening via Twitter a photo from the crime scene in the Bishop Street, see a large fire. The police urged residents and passers-by to stay away. Reports on casualties were not initially in front of. In the street of the 85,000 inhabitants of the city, a court building is located, among other things.

If there is political backgrounds, remained unclear. Even 20 years after the good Friday agreement that ended the bloody conflict in Northern Ireland, it always comes back to conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, as well as security forces. While Catholic nationalists seeking Union with Ireland, and Protestant unionists, who want to continue to belong to Britain.

+++ 20.39 PM: Women’s March: Thousands of women demonstrate against US President, Trump +++

thousands of people took part on Saturday in the United States to further the March of the women against U.S. President Donald Trump, and for women’s rights. In Washington and other cities, mainly women, gathered since morning to protest against Trumps policy and multiple misogynistic Comments. In the U.S. capital, the participants came together close to the White house to start their protest March. Other marches were announced in New York and Los Angeles.

+++ 20.37 PM: Somalia: US air strike kills more than 50 Islamists +++

In the case of an air attack of the U.S. forces in southern Somalia at least 52 militants of the Islamist terrorist militia Al military information-Shabaab have been killed. The American military came, therefore, Somali troops to help, their base was attacked in the Morning by “a large group” of the Sunni fundamentalists. In the case of the air attack in the vicinity of the place Dschibil in the Region of Middle Juba, no civilians were harmed, more reported the U.S. armed forces. The information could not be confirmed independently.

Al-Shabaab said in a radio message that the attacker had killed 15 soldiers and military equipment were captured. The casualty numbers are often far higher than those of the authorities. To made own losses, the extremists.

+++ 20.03 p.m.: The winning numbers from Saturday Lotto +++

winning numbers: 6 – 12 – 24 – 29 – 36 – 47

number: 9

game 77: 3 5 3 4 6 6 0

Super 6: 0 6 5 4 5 0

(all information is supplied without guarantee)

+++ 18.40 PM: violence in the “yellow West”-protests in France +++

have gathered for The tenth weekend in a row in France, thousands of “yellow vests” to protests. This came mainly in Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse, in the late afternoon to clashes with the security forces. On projectiles of some of the demonstrators, the police responded with Trängengas and water cannons. Since mid-November, the movement demonstrated against high cost of living and social injustice.

According to the Ministry of the interior of 27,000 people took part to the early afternoon to the country-wide actions in Paris 7000. Last Saturday were at the same time in the whole of France, with 32,000 on the road, 8000 in the metropolis.

+++ 17.25: Frankfurt: Elderly woman and suspected son found dead +++

In a Frankfurt apartment, the police discovered two Dead. It was a care-dependent Elderly woman and a man who, according to a neighbor, her son, said a police spokeswoman. The cause of death is still unclear. References to third-party negligence, it does not give.

The 1921-born Elderly woman who was bedridden and, most recently, her son was cared for, was dead in her nursing home bed found. Of the 1944-born alleged son dead on the Sofa. The neighbor had not seen the two for a while and, therefore, the police are notified, said the spokeswoman. The criminal investigation is determined.

+++ 16.53 PM: Berlin: 35.000 protesters for sustainable agriculture +++

Led by tractors, tens of thousands of people in Berlin have demanded a turn to more environmental protection and animal welfare in agriculture. Under the Motto “We have the agricultural industry fed up” led the March on the occasion of the food exhibition Green week through the government district. According to the organizers, 35,000 people took part in the Protest. A Berlin meeting of the agricultural Ministers conference, called for more global cooperation in enhancing the digitisation of agriculture.

To the Demonstration for an agricultural turn had called for a coalition of farmers, animal and environmental activists.

+++ 16.22 PM: CSU breaks Congress for lack of quorum +++

Chancellor should be allowed to remain according to the will of the CSU-based, only a maximum of twelve years in office. The CSU party Congress in Munich called for on Saturday by a narrow majority, the chancellorship to limit to a total of three terms. Therefore, a Registrar should be chosen so a maximum of two Times.

In the vote, there were 97 votes for this requirement and 90. Among other things, to address the CSU land group in the Bundestag. Necessary for a limitation to the basic law-Change would be. At the time of the vote, a large part of the delegates to the election of Markus Söder as the new party leader is already present.

Shortly after this vote, the Congress had to be ended prematurely – due to a lack of a quorum: Of the more than 800 delegates, more than half would still need to be present for more days – which was not the case. Pending applications were transferred, therefore, to various bodies, or the next Congress.

+++ 16: 20: Saviour child reach in the borehole until Monday +++

In search of the great depth of the suspected two-year deployment of forces in the South of Spain began with the construction of a rescue tunnel. Since shortly after 15 o’clock the building, over the newspaper “La Vanguardia” and other media reported, citing the aides. You will need at least another 36 hours, up to Julen, said the spokesman of the rescue team, Ángel García Vidal, journalists on the scene of the incident in Totalán, approximately 15 kilometres North-East of the coastal city of Málaga. According to this calculation, the child could not be recovered until Monday morning.

Under the best of circumstances, you’ll have the Tunnel to be perpendicular to the disaster Bay, in 15 to 16 hours. Then two or three experienced miners to recover in a well 70 meters deep, and a first horizontal, about four feet long connection to the Bay. This needs to be done with picks and pneumatic hammers and because of the safety of the child with the utmost caution, said García Vidal. “We expect that at least a further 20 hours.” On Friday, it was said, they wanted to find Julen “before Monday”. Because of the child since the 13th century. January is not a sign of life, dwindling hopes for a happy end of the drama.

+++ 15.47 PM: Turkish HDP calls for an end to solitary confinement for the PKK founder Ocalan +++

The pro-Kurdish opposition party HDP, has put an end to the isolation of detention for the founder of the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, in Turkey, required. “The isolation of Öcalan is unacceptable, and must soon be repealed,” said HDP Co-Chairperson Pervin Buldan at a rally in the city of Diyarbakir in the Kurdish-dominated Southeast of the country. The Situation of the PKK is hindering founder’s efforts to achieve a society of peace, said Buldan, according to a notice of your party.

The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan holds the pro-Kurdish HDP for the extended Arm of the PKK, which is classified in the Turkey and the EU as a terrorist organization. The HDP is contesting that. Ankara had announced that 2015 will be the peace process with the PKK.

+++ 15.15 PM: father of the killed six-year-old is on the run +++

under suspicion of murder, the stepfather of slain six-year-old from Torgelow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern more on the run. Currently there are no specific clues to the whereabouts of the Suspect, said a police spokesman. For information leading to the arrest of the Fugitive, has launched the police, in the meantime, a reward of 1000 Euro.

According to prosecutors, the 27-Year-old girl is so severely abused that it died last weekend in the apartment of the family. The man had a solid attempt took at the Monday escape. The district court Pasewalk subsequently issued a warrant for your arrest.

+++ 15: Poland to adopt gdańsk stabbing mayor +++

About a week after the fatal knife attack on gdańsk mayor Poland has bid farewell to Pawel Adamowicz. Among the 3500 mourners in the Marie Church in the Northern Polish city of numerous representatives of politics, including the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, as well as EU Council President, Donald Tusk, were, once even a head of government in Poland. From Germany, the former German President, Joachim Gauck, arrived.

tens of thousands of gdańsk, the ceremony followed, according to police, on screens in front of the Church and in the city centre. The memorial was also broadcast in many other Polish cities. For Poland as a state mourning was declared.

+++ 14: 34: number of victims after a Pipeline fire in Mexico rises to more than 60 +++

After the fire of a tapped Pipeline in Mexico, the death toll is more than 60 increased. At least 66 people were killed in the accident in the state of Hidalgo, died, said Governor Omar Fayad. At least 76 others were injured in the accident on Friday.

+++ 13.58 PM: New reports of dubious money flows on account of Bolsonaros son +++

The Brazilian authorities, a series of dubious payments of money on the account of the son of President Jair Bolsonaro investigate. As the news program Jornal reported to Nacional on Friday (local time), were deposited to the account of Flávio Bolsonaro, a total of 96,000 Real (about 22,500 euros). There were 48 single payments, which were made between June to July 2017. At the time, Flávio Bolsonaro Deputy was in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The TV report referred to a document from the national authority for combating financial crime (COAF), according to which it was unclear who had paid the money. Accordingly, the transaction, is suspicious, because 48 Times, always the same sum had been deposited with a Bank in the regional Parliament of Rio.

It is not the first Time that members of the family of the Brazilian President in connection with suspicious money notice rivers. In the past year, the financial investigators had found “unusual transactions” to the account of the former chauffeur and the Bodyguards of Flávio Bolsonaro, Fabrício José de Queiroz. Queiroz is said to have converted in the years 2016 and 2017, around 270,000 Euro to the son, and the wife of the current President paid.

+++ 13.24 PM: at Least 28 Dead in brutal cattle theft in South Sudan +++

In South Sudan, armed cattle thieves killed in a robbery at least 28 people and more than 20 other villagers, in part seriously injured. The attackers had stolen in the Northern state of Liechtenstein is also 3000 cattle, said Minister of information, Lam Tunguar. Among the Victims of the RAID from Friday night, women and children. Several of the injured were treated for gunshot wounds in the hospital of the city of Bentiu. In the East African crisis state, it comes immhe will have to Fight again to pasture or livestock, often between members of rival ethnic groups.

+++ 12.49 PM: Merz is not planning any campaign appearances for the CDU +++

in the election for the CDU chairmanship of losing Friedrich Merz wants to advertise in this year, not with campaign appearances for his party. The election campaigns should be led by those who apply for mandates, and this is true for the European election as well as for the parliamentary elections, said Merz in Walsrode on the verge of a special session of the lower Saxony CDU. “I’m not going to go into the election campaigns. I have no mandate, either in Parliament or in the party, not even in the government.” He will support the party and the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, however, and like to give advice. The financial expert had at the CDU Federal party lost at the beginning of December, the vote narrowly against Kramp-Karrenbauer.

+++ 12.26 PM: Markus Söder to the new CSU Chairman elected +++

in Bavaria, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder is the new CSU President. On a special party Congress in Munich, the delegates chose the 52-Year-old, as expected, the successor of Horst Seehofer, had the office about ten years. He received 87.4 percent of the votes. Seehofer was almost appointed unanimously as honorary Chairman of the CSU.

+++ 12.15 PM: government in Burkina Faso resigns +++

In the West African state of Burkina Faso, the government resigned surprisingly. President Roch Kaboré, thank you government, chief Paul Kaba Thieba and his Ministers for their service, said the office of the heads of state late on Friday evening. There are no reasons for the resignation of the Cabinet were called.

In Burkina Faso, which borders in the North to the Sahel, it is always more likely to come attacks allegedly by Islamist extremists. At the beginning of the week about kidnapped close to the border to Niger, a canadian mine, a clerk and a little later killed. Burkina Faso is a UN Index, according to one of the poorest countries in the world.

+++ 11.08 PM: 1000 people at the funeral of a student in Melbourne – capture +++

Because he should have raped an Israeli student and killed, the police in Australia, a 20-year-old Rapper. The body of 21-year-old Israeli, who studied in Melbourne English, was discovered on Wednesday morning in the bushes. The musician, who lived in the vicinity of the site, was arrested on Friday. Now, an indictment for the rape and murder has been adopted as the broadcaster ABC reported.

The crime triggered in Melbourne horror and grief. More than 1000 people, most of them women, took part on Friday in a memorial service on the steps of the Parliament building. A flower-filled tram drove along the route that had taken the victim on his way home.

+++ 10.52 PM: boat with migrants Several Missing capsizes: Libya +++

A rubber boat with about 20 migrants on Board has capsized off the Libyan coast. Three people were rescued, the Italian Navy said. The remaining 17 were missing. The boat was on Friday, 50 nautical miles North-East of Tripoli in distress. The three Survivors were seriously injured and brought to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Since Italy at its ports for migrants has largely closed, to come less and less migrants from Libya. However, people on the dangerous Crossing still die. Since the beginning of the year, 83 people were killed according to the International organization for Migration in the Mediterranean. In the prior-year period, there were 199.


politics researcher Heinrich Oberreuter

“The final phase of the Era Seehofer is characterized by a decline of the CSU”

By Tilman Gerwien +++ 10.47 PM: CSU-Secretary-General flower: 2019 year of the unity of the Union +++

CSU General Secretary Markus Blume, announced after the violent quarrels of the past few years, a new Togetherness of the Union. 2019 will be a year of unity in the CSU, “but also the new Common ground between the CDU and the CSU,” said flower at the start of the CSU election party rally in Munich. He particularly highlighted the importance of the European elections end of may. In the connection of the outgoing CSU chief Horst Seehofer began his farewell speech.

+++ 9.51 PM: Seehofer: Give to CSU-presidency back in the hands of my party +++

Horst Seehofer, who has made the announced withdrawal from the CSU presidency, officially, Shortly before the start of the special party Congress in Munich, the Federal government wrote to the Minister of the interior on Twitter: “Today I return to the office of the CSU Chairman after more than ten years in the hands of my party.” It was, however, so “officially,” said the 69-Year-old at the time of his arrival in the hall.

offices of the exchange were the norm, said Seehofer, “even if one is affected”. In the beginning was melancholy, now a mixture of gratitude and relief outweighs “the”. Because the office of the CSU Chairman, was connected with a great responsibility. “It is always the existence of a political community,” he said.

White house

Second summit in February: Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un is once again offering the big world stage

DPA +++ 8.49 PM: South Korea date welcomes the announcement for the summit, U.S.-North Korea +++

South Korea hopes the proposed second summit, U.S.-North Korea in February, a turning point in the efforts to achieve a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula. The spokesman for the office of President Moon Jae said In. South Korea wanted to do his part to ensure that the Meeting of US President Donald Trump with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un is a success and concrete results.

long-term goals, the creation of a nuclear-weapon-free Peninsula, and a new peace system, said the speaker remained. To achieve this, going to Seoul to work more closely with Washington, as well as the dialogue between the two Korean States to expand. South Korea’s President played in the past year, an important role of mediator between Washington and Pyongyang.

+++ 8.12 PM: the Pentagon: majority of U.S. military facilities threatened by climate change +++

A majority of the vertices of the U.S. military are threatened, according to a report by the Pentagon due to the consequences of climate change. Two Thirdl of the 79 surveyed facilities were currently or in the future might be, endangered by frequent Flooding, said in the Friday report published by the U.S. Department of defense. More than half of the vertices are affected by periods of drought. In addition, forest fires, and the thawing of the duration of the threatened soil frost. Accordingly, the future dangers, in about 20 years.

The 22-page report was given by the U.S. Congress in order. Additional funding to prepare for climate change impacts the U.S. Department of defense does not. The corresponding funds were already budgeted for in the current defense budget.

+++ 7.43 PM: a French air attack kill 15 suspected terrorists in Mali +++

In the case of an air attack on French soldiers have been killed in the West African crisis, the state of Mali around 15 suspected terrorists. To be the attack, it is already at 10. January, in coordination with Malian soldiers came and informed the French Ministry of defense. The alleged terrorists were suspected to have a stroke in the Region Dialoubé planned. The successful air attack had reduced the scale of the threat in the inaccessible Region of the Niger Delta, it said.

+++ 7.19 PM: Two percent of all long-distance trains, the train stop failed +++

In the case of the long-distance trains of the Deutsche Bahn have failed in the past year, about two per cent of the Holding. In January, August and October, the percentage was even at three per cent, said a railway spokeswoman in Berlin on request. Cause storms, heat, people, accidents and strikes, as well as technical and operational reasons. The FDP Bundestag deputies Torsten autumn, had addressed to the German government a request to the theme, spoke of a “disgrace for every train traveller and an indictment of the Bahn-Management”. He also criticised that the fancy trains would not be included in the delay balance-sheet of the runway.

+++ 7.07 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer: No fertile ground in Germany for the “yellow West” +++

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, in Germany there is no potential for the “yellow West”movement. Right – and left-populists have tried to bring the movement to Germany, but she had failed, she explained in an Interview with the French daily newspaper “Le Monde”.

there are, in the opinion of Kramp cart Builder, for two reasons. A it was the good economic Situation of Germany, like you said. Another the various political traditions. Demonstrations would take in the political culture of France in a more important place.

+++ 7.05 PM: Flixbus, gained more passengers +++

The leading German remote bus provider of Flixbus in the number of his driving has increased. 2018 had been moved more than 45 million passengers, the company said the German press Agency. In the previous year there had been 40 million. Flixbus was gone in 2018 in the United States at the Start and had expanded its offer in Germany in also with long-distance trains. The green buses do not travel in 28 European countries, Figures for individual markets, Flixbus announced. According to industry data, the company covers 95 percent of the German long-distance coach market and makes about half of its business.


VW diesel premium in the whole of Germany, but “really good” is the offer

+++ 6.34 PM: About 600 car owners a lawsuit against Mercedes-Bank +++

About 600 car owners have so far joined the pattern-action suit against the Mercedes-Benz Bank. The has notified the Federal office of justice on request. You want to ensure that the revocation rules in the loan agreements of the Bank, be declared null and void. Thus, past periods would be long since obsolete and the buyers hope to be able to their credit – financed vehicles without greater losses- not only, but particularly, in the meantime, the unloved Diesel.

According to the protection of community Bank customers, who filed the lawsuit, are the rules of the Cancellation of the loan agreements to be contradictory. The Bank holds the claim to be unfounded. The procedure starts on Friday at the higher regional court of Stuttgart.

+++ 6.05 PM: ARD pays a Million Euro for a period of ten experts – ZDF is silent +++

The ARD has recently used more and more experts in sports coverage and paid less. Ten former athletes, which were used for the broadcasts in the First season of 2017/2018, expenditure according to information from the transmitter to 0.99 million Euro. In the season of 2015/2016, the ARD had spent eight experts of 1.2 million euros. ZDF announced that it do.

the more Expensive the Moderation of the sports coverage is about to become the First. The ARD stated that 19 journalists have received in the 2017/2018 season allowances in a total sum of about 2.33 million euros. 2015/2016 had been paid to the 21 sport moderators in the First, a total of 1.88 million euros. The remunerations are “marked-to-market”, – stated in the ARD.

+++ 4.34 PM: Altmaier, during the Coal phase-for review date to 2030 +++

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier has called for, to check the progress of the exit strategy from Coal by 2030 with a view to the safety of the power supply. “Up to the years 2021/2022 must be due to the phase-out of nuclear energy, a high volume of replaced,” said the CDU politician of the German press Agency. The must find the time to plan for the transition from coal to green energy, to ensure security of supply. “A review date should check the progress, by the year 2030.”

The government-appointed Commission “Wachstrum, structural change and employment” will present in the coming days, a concept for the phase-out of electricity production from coal. Already on Friday, a compromise could be. In the Commission’s representatives, workers, and environmentalists sit in economy at a table, the goal is a broad social consensus. The implementation of the proposals, however, is a matter of policy. Lignite and coal supply more than a third of Germany’s electricity.

+++ 3.51 PM: at Least 20 Dead after Explosion at gas pipeline in Mexico +++

an Explosion At a gasoline pipeline in Mexico at least 20 people have been killed. At least 54 were injured in the accident, said the Governor of the state of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, on Friday evening (local time) the TV channel “Foro TV”. In the vicinity of the Pipeline si have ch at the time of the Explosion, several Hundred people found, local media reported. On the line in the town of Tlahuelilpan had formed, therefore, before a leak, residents of the area approached to carry fuel in buckets or canisters.

+++ 3.41 PM: “image”: Union wants the Islamist threat from Germany expatriate +++

the CDU and CSU want to create a report according to which a possibility of Islamist threat from Germany auszubürgern. As the “image”newspaper reported, want to be decided by the group Chairman of the Union parties from the Federation, the länder and the European Parliament on Sunday at a Meeting in Brussels, a paper on Internal security. In it hot, among other things, that “on a national and Federal level” rules “” must be adjusted.

acquisition of citizenship of extremists should be prevented or, where legally possible, can be undone. Who have fought for a terrorist militia and in addition to the German another nationality own, which the German state had to be deprived of citizenship, however, cited the “image” from the paper.

+++ 3.26 PM: the media: Several injured after Explosion in a fuel line in Mexico +++

an Explosion At a gasoline pipeline in Mexico, several people have been injured. In the vicinity of the Pipeline in the state of Hidalgo had been at the time of the Explosion several Hundred people, local media reported on Friday evening (local time). There could be up to 50 injured people or even deaths, reported the TV channel “Foro TV”. On the line in the town of Tlahuelilpan had formed, therefore, before a leak, residents of the area approached to carry fuel in buckets or canisters.

How it came exactly to the Explosion was not initially clear. On the video recordings was to see how after the Explosion, panic at the scene of the accident, prevailed. People ran away screaming from the fuel line. The Pipeline flames in the height. Forces closed off the area.

+++ 2.34 PM: process: Harvey Weinstein separates from a lawyer +++

some four months prior to the anticipated beginning of the criminal process against Harvey Weinstein for sexual Assault has separated the Ex-movie Mogul by his lawyer. Weinstein and his attorney Benjamin Brafman “decided amicably, to go our separate ways,” it said in a communication, from the numerous U.S. media on Friday quoted. Previously, there had been reports of a dispute between the two, because Weinstein had looked around for other lawyers. His new defense team wants to introduce the Ex-movie Mogul in the coming week.

The process against Weinstein is expected to 6. May start in New York. He is expected to take office jury selection about six weeks. Dozens of women accusing Weinstein of sexual Assault, including well-known Actresses.

Russia investigations

U.S. special investigator Mueller rejects incriminating report about Trump

AFP +++ 2.28 PM: the US special investigator: report on trump’s Ex-lawyer “is not properly” +++

the office of The U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller has a report on the serious accusation US President, Donald Trump had instigated his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to commit perjury, and rejected. The presentation of “specific communications to the office of the special investigator,” as well as “the description of documents and witness statements” received by the office regarding the testimony of Cohen prior to the Congress, not to be “right,” said the office on Friday. The online portal “Buzzfeed” had previously reported, citing two anonymous law enforcement officials, Cohen had accused the President to have him for perjury in front of Congress instigated.

+++ 1.34 PM: Colombian President says peace talks with ELN guerrillas should be terminated +++

Colombia’s President, Iván Duque, has stated that the peace talks with the guerrilla group ELN. He had set the arrest warrants against ten ELN negotiator, who had participated in peace talks in Cuba, is back in force, said Duque on Friday. Previously, the government had made the guerrilla group for a bomb attack on a police Academy in Bogota, responsible for the on Thursday, at least 21 people were killed and 68 more were injured.

+++ 0.18 at: Trump announces opinion on the wall, and Shutdown for Saturday +++

US President Donald Trump has announced a far-reaching opinion on the Situation at the U.S. southern border. He wanted to make today at 15.00 local time (21.00 CET) for a larger announcement, which also deals with the government Shudtdown, wrote Trump on Friday evening (local time) on Twitter.

trump’s demand for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico has led to a partial state of the Federal government to a standstill, of the 800,000 people are directly affected. He has continued for four weeks.

+++ 0.16 p.m.: another setback in search of in the borehole of the fallen boy in Spain +++

another setback in the search for a in a borehole of a fallen little boy in Spain: In the preparations for the drilling of a second vertical shaft, there were complications, said the engineer, Angel García Vidal on the Friday before journalists. His Team had found a “massive rock” of slate, whereby the work is delayed further.

Vidal, should be begun in the night on Saturday with the drilling operations, helpers, machines and two drilling rigs ready. Under “favorable conditions” could be completed the drilling operations in 15 hours. “You can be confident that we will achieve Julen,” said the engineer.

fs/tkr / DPA / AFP