The Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to have considered a report, about a year before the death of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi whose murder. In one of the U.S. intelligence services wiretapped conversation, he had threatened he would track Khashoggi “with a bullet”, should not return the Journalist to the Kingdom and his criticism of the government set, reported the New York Times on Thursday evening.

in exile in the United States-based Journalist had been murdered last October at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul from a from Riyadh traveling to, special command. In the past few months, evidence had pointed out that people from the closest environment of the crown Prince are involved in the killing. The Kingdom denies any connection Mohammed bin Salman to the murder.

the murder of a famous journalist

case Khashoggi: arrest warrants against Confidant of crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman


The “New York Times” cites an Official with the secret service reports. Accordingly, the crown Prince led the conversation with a Familiar in September 2017. At the time, Khashoggi began to write columns for the Washington Post, in which he strongly criticized the Saudi government.

U.S. intelligence agencies to analyze phone calls of the Prince

the report, US intelligence services went through in the past few years, intercepted conversations of the heir to the throne, in order to determine the background of the fact. Mohammed bin Salman is a close ally of US President Donald Trump, rejects measures against the Prince.

in the case of detecting UN human rights expert Agnes Callamard had accused Saudi Arabia on Thursday, to obstruct the investigation of the murder. In the Kingdom of a process against a total of eleven defendants are currently running. Mohammed bin Salman is considered to be a strong husband and future ruler of the country.

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