women in the Islamic-conservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may, in the future, traveling without the consent of a man.

According to a decree by king Salman women from the age of 21 years the right to a passport and freedom to travel, as the Saudi news website Okaz reported on Thursday evening. Yet, women need the consent of a male guardian. In most cases this is the father or a brother.

The new reform measures are a little more than a year after Saudi Arabia’s women driving ban has been removed. Responsible for the reforms, crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the strong man in the Kingdom. He has also set a number of other liberalisations, such As cinemas and concerts are in Saudi Arabia now allowed.

at the same time the Kingdom comes, however, with a hard Hand against human rights defenders. In the past year, the security forces, 17 were taken for a women’s rights festival. Against several of them, a process began in March this year. The Royal house is also due to the brutal murder of the government-critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi under pressure. He was killed in 2018 in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul from a from Riyadh traveling to, special command.

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