In the United States have become satellite images made public, according to opinion of some experts in the near future, the imminent Test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile or a space rocket in North Korea.

the radio station NPR reports. On its website, the station published the images. The pictures show the location Sanumdong, a plant in the North Korea so far, ballistic missiles and rockets to Launch satellites has been tested. In addition, trucks and railway wagons.

“If you take everything together, it looks as if the North Koreans build a rocket”, – quotes the channel of the North Korea expert Jeffrey Lewis, Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Project at the Middlebury Institute of International studies.

Only a few days ago, the other satellite were to become the images public, which suggested that North Korea has built a missile factory on the West coast. This was dismantled after the first summit between US President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un to power in June 2018 in part.