An Evergreen, you can’t hang up often enough: some four million people in Germany work in the low-wage sector. Almost one in five pensioners lives in poverty in old age. Because the downward spiral is programmed to: and any Chance of a new one, because there are areas, especially in urban Metropolitan areas, hardly for more affordable housing. There’s only refuge in one of the shelters that have plenty of people that have a (mies paid) full-time job often remains. A social scandal. However, the plate with the sad song from the end of the social market economy jumps for years in the same place. And the round at Anne made Wants little hope that this will change in the foreseeable future.

guests, and their most important Statements:

Malu Dreyer, SPD Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate: “ people feel that not all participate equally in prosperity. The splits our country.”

Mike Mohring, CDU Chairman in Thuringia: “ We must, where necessary, a simpler construction to provide affordable housing.”

Katrin Göring-Eckardt, Green party Chairman in the Bundestag: “ We should have with the “Agenda 2010″ reforms, the minimum wage, introduce. That was a mistake.”

Petra Vogel, cleaning power and trade Union member: “ I would like to no respect to pension, I want a pension, with which I can age in Dignity.“

Reinhold von Eben-Worlée, President of the Association “The family business”: “ Any improvement in the pension takes away from other areas of the budget.”

Petra Vogel takes Anne Wants to be with a former Chancellor on the grain

Petra bird from Bochum in 2017 came with an appearance in the ZDF-election campaign show of some celebrity, the you las Angela Merkel violently the Levites. Since then, she’s kind of a mascot for the under-privileged. And she’s doing well. With the credibility of their own economic plight in the back (“There are only a few phases in my life where I had no money worries”), brings the cleaning power of your points: The minimum wage has to be at 12,67 Euro, to end up with a pension above the basic security come out. And: Would also add officials, deputies and the self-employed in the coffers, would be for everyone to have a basic pension of 1100 Euro.

poverty in Germany

Every third unemployed person doesn’t even have enough money for full-fledged meals


Hart Petra Vogel went with the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder to the court, was touted in 2005, at the world economic forum in Davos, his Agenda of reforms with the slogan: “We have one of the best built low-wage sectors in Europe.” Bird: “A low-wage sector is never good. Schröder should be ashamed of themselves.”

“Pizza making, Cleaning, packages: these three P

Cleverly argued, Katrin Göring-Eckardt of the Green shit to earn”, in the solo campaign mode, smooth the indignant mood. “Pizza making, Cleaning, packages – fucked to earn these three P’s” haute for the first time an eye-catching slogan to advertise for a citizens ‘ insurance in the pension as in the case of health insurance. Shocked by a visit to a Berlin shelter, she met families who could not pay their rent, she said: “We must ensure that at least people with children can’t fly out of their apartments.”

criticism of labour Ministers of salvation

the employer and the Brinkhaus plans for the basic pension


vending machines in prison attack winding, however, the SPD-Mrs Malu Dreyer, your social program. You spoke out vehemently for the “respect-pension”, which would not make Petra a bird happy (“I would get 40 Euro more than a Hartz IV recipient.”). Anne Wills top, just the SPD-led Senate in Berlin have sold in a large scale municipal housing companies to investors, fell to her in all Seriousness: “The Berlin Situation, I can not judge now.” Also-ran Mike held Mohring of the Thuringian CDU. A bit of a defense of the unspeakable baukinder money, you need to enforce a bit of “We, the basic pension now at last”. But what he should say – is the CDU in the Federal government for 13 years in Power and for the social imbalance is partly responsible.

vulnerable to would interfere in satellite cities to live

That Reinhold von Eben-Worlée from a family of entrepreneurs-Association of the amicable “Socializing” the politician was due to his Bad-Boy role. The cynicism with which he put his elitist, racist society open, surprised.


Clear majority for the basic pension – SPD question


unlike in other countries, in Sunday, the employer would pay in this country, half of the social security contributions, he said – as one would have to say Thank you. As contributions to the community would be a kind of Charity. “We are,” resumed von Eben-Worlée his enumeration of the alleged good deeds of the community continue to take – as the trained workers, and are not to the benefit of especially the companies themselves. Low wages? Only a regional Problem and certain industries.

Right dark it was, as the employer Lobbyist took the “red-green” city governments are under attack, which are, in his opinion, for the housing shortage. The reason is that you would have failed, “satellite and to develop satellite towns”. What a chutzpah. We pack the poor in massive Housing blocks on the outskirts of the city. Has work elsewhere.