Sarah Wiener has a trick. This is nothing New, argue its critics now. A few weeks ago in Vienna announced that they will compete for the Austrian Greens in the European election. The critics will now add that, of course, also Dolly Buster have in vain applied for a seat in the European Parliament. However, TV chef and organic landlady Sarah Wiener wanted to save a bit of the world. Now, therefore, in the EU Parliament in Brussels.

But Vienna is really a trick: a tiny bump on the forehead. Up to the 16. March will be the long-off, if the Federal Congress decides whether or not to Wiener gets the second place on the list. Currently, three Austrian greens in the European Parliament, could work. Until then, the bee has made her death bravely, is likely to disappear in the stomach of a uckermärkischen tit.

Well Kerkow in Angermünde, shortly before the Polish border, suggests little to the approaching spring. The breath of the shaggy Angus cattle rises in clouds, the hiding bees still huddled together in their hives. Sarah Wiener rises from a shaggy off-roader with Rehdekor on the spare wheel cover under the raised roll neck, a wound peeking out. “Leeches have such great ingredients,” she says, “I wanted to try. But it bleeds grey blessed.” You have to have a robust relationship to his body and nature in order to endure, she adds. A recommendation sounds different.

insects die

Save the bees! Because without it, it would make us all bad

Norbert Höfler Sarah Wiener and her farm

four years Ago, has purchased the Vienna operation, on the edge of the biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin with two partners and developed it into an organic farm with about 80 pigs, 300 cattle, 800 acres of agriculture and their own butcher shop fare. On their fields they do not led the seven-year crop rotation, in order to win the ground as well as in monocultures, depleting and home-grown feed for the animals.

On the first Sunny days, when the Thermometer climbed to about twelve degrees, broke in to Sarah Wiener, to inspect your around Well Kerkow scattered hives. Eight peoples hold it is currently, one of them directly to your house so she can watch the little neighbors in the morning on the first trip.

At a prey still hung the mice lattice, which protected the bees in the Winter. “It was to Do the sums and on, and because I wanted to help those dead bees away, and then I swept the living with out. And then a came and fuzzzz!” In the middle of the forehead.

In her book, “bee life”, which now appears in the Aufbau Verlag and in which she tells vividly how she discovered her love for the bees, says you by the gentleness of your Bees. A beekeeper’s veil do not, also no gloves need, on the contrary, could, Stroking the fur animal, if you look at them with respect and humility.

“It costs less, more fun, and it brings better honey”

And then: “Fuzzzzz!” Vienna laughs. “Yes, only themselves to blame, I thought to myself, how can just be so insensitive in the first Time after the Winter, the bees. To me, Yeah no, girl, but not say: ‘now! What is wrong with you?’”


Sarah Wieners book “bees of life – From happiness, to be part of nature” appears on the 15.3.2019 at the Aufbau Verlag. Here you can buy the book.

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Vienna is trying to look from the point of view of the bees in the world, How would you want to live as a bee? What is the ideal food for the Winter? And how the world would have to be designed in a way so that it tastes good? So they let their people high stands build, and was exploiting the One room, in which the bee Pollen is their Breeding nests, and nectar supplies, to approximately the same height, on the honey bees originally nested in hollow trees. Honey, you takes so restrained, that for the bees to overwinter on their own inventories and not on sugar syrup as it is in the Acquisition of bee-keeping is common.

“I love that you give me so much freedom. If you are being referred to in imkert, you must care for. It costs less, more fun, and it brings better honey.”

The fate of the bee is watching “all the writes in the relationship man – animal – Plant – environment can happen mesh”, Wiener in their book. The bees are an indicator of what we are doing to ourselves and the world.

The mono-culture on the fields makes them to Survive on the Land. Nectar of loose Corn as far as the eye can see, the benefits of bee nothing. A complete costume of the hazelnut and Cornel in March to the book of wheat in October, but this is rare. Many beekeepers have to feed in the summer with sugar-water.

And everywhere, from the sparks of the man in-between: a weed killer such as glyphosate, rotten herbs, and flowers, in need of wild bees as habitat. In addition, the poison will damage the gut flora of the bees, which makes them prone to diseases. As the FEDERAL government had 2016 honey from the supermarket test, were found in 13 of the 22 varieties of residues of pesticides.

Neonicotinoids, i.e., insect killer, used in gardens, in agriculture and in the Hobby, attack the Central nervous system of insects. They affect the immune system, the orientation and procreation.

your private garden created by Sarah Wiener in a way that human and bee alike. Mulberry trees, quince, medlars, pears, peaches, Sweet and sour cherries and Apples grow there, especially the old varieties. The bees pollinate and eat their fill, then the cook to harvest and a week long. Instead of a lawn there is a meadow of Flowers. And the vegetable garden? Wild. “Because the nature wants to let the thistles and vetch, chamomile, Daisies, and poppies grow, and I can’t make it, enforce it, who is the mistress of my garden. Often the wild mess looks simply beautiful. I’m learning to give up control and me the life.”

your bee colonies to bear the name

When she talks about her bees, the garden and the yard, resonates with a lot of feeling, Affection. Everything has its value. The wooden house, which has been developed by an Austrian Forester, together doweled lot of on the new moon of timber. “This is nothing Esoteric”, waves Vienna, “but the old forest know. The wood is such that my house is probably still in 300 years.” No glue, no plastic, no metal was used to build it. “If you are staying longer, go blood pressure und pulse rate down,” says Wiener. The floor is covered with hand-sculpted tiles from the Uckermark, in the kitchen, a collection of pottery plates and bowls ruled. “If there is something in a Non-plastic, then I did. For me, all of these objects have energy, you spread beauty.”


The Bien. Super organism honey bee

A people. No Leader. Works wonderfully!

their bee colonies have names: Oglala, Toffie, Selawie, Ataraxia, Athos, Marta Izeta, Mr. Bien. And you can do anything: “The hit also time is also okay.” On exactly this part of the Flock in Vienna last summer, as a professional beekeeper and set up his boxes in your environment. “Has popped 40 hives in the sun on a concrete Parking lot. I immediately 200 meters further a empty of loot and thought, a swarm of you must do it now, please. Come on!” Schools belong to the person who catches you. But you have to come in voluntarily. Wieners prey remained empty.

Not a bee Scout had found the new home for good. Vienna loves this track bees go alone to new food sources and nesting sites to explore and the people finally audition, which is the way there going. “If I could choose a Position, then it would be safe to be a little daring track bee. There is in me a rebel, which says, with all the admiration for your social behavior, way, individuality is just as important. Sure that has something to do with my family, and of the unconventional kind, to be grown up.”

boarding school

Sarah became a mother in the girl, the artist Lore Heuermann, raises her three children alone. “It was in the 60s in Vienna is a No-Go, as were ostracized you. For my mother it was a very hard time.” Father Oswald Wiener, a writer, a jazz musician and one of the heads of the “Vienna group”, threaten a radical art project at the University of legal consequences, and he flees in 1969, to Berlin. There, he opened the legendary artist locally “exile”.

“I’m in the girls’ boarding school, grown up and in a nearly all-women household. The power, the energy, the optimism, and the Future of women, I have experienced directly.” Vienna drop out of school, through Europe, drifting and eventually ends up in Berlin. In the kitchen of the “exile” learns Sarah is baking. The artist Ingrid Wiener, new woman on the side of the father, brings it to her. Sarah Wiener is the mother pulls her son Artur, only large-scale, twice winning the Berlin title of master in Taekwondo. A boring day in your life never. In 1990, she founded a catering company and, later, Restaurants, a bakery, a delicatessen selling, Wiener establishes a Foundation for nutrition education, turns TV series, TV chef – a Star on the red carpets of the Republic.

politics as an opportunity,

Some things do not succeed. Three husbands come and go. “I think my relationships were, as long as you have taken, always very successfully. And if it only was that I had learned something! It’s been a successful learning curve. So you have to see this.” Today, at 56, she says about her love life: “I am still learning, constantly, on many levels, with joy and Lust!”


Our Reporter is afraid of bees. It’s high time for him to visit a beekeepers course!

That it goes well for Austria’s Green into the race, sees them as “the Chance for my Beliefs. To strengthen the connection with the other, the Common – I’m not all bad.” The Greens had asked the non-party Eco-activist, whether she wanted to run. In terms of content, she sees it as a logical continuation of its commitment to sustainable agriculture, healthy food and biodiversity.

But she also has respect for what could happen to you. The days when the bees are counted this spring. The first EU-regulations and studies of flutter in preparation for the election on the table of your Hofladens. “It is a great adventure,” she says. “But It is not a ,g’night Wiesn’, as the Viennese say.”

Sarah Wiener 15 glasses of self-made thrown honey at the Berlin office. The first 15 readers who register by Mail can pick up a glass in the star office in Berlin-Mitte. Mail to: [email protected]