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What’s the difference between Samsung Galaxy s10 plus vs. Note 10 plus

What’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy s10 and Note 10 plus?

The galaxy s10 and Note 10 are the most expensive and luxurious smartphones of Samsung till date. Samsung has many great phones in the market but if you want to spend a little more money and want a phone that gets noticed by a lot of people then considering s10 and note plus is a good choice. But the problem arises when you can’t seem to decide which one is better out of them. We will help you with finding that out.

The Galaxy s10 is less expensive than note 10

Galaxy s10 started off as an expensive phone which had a cost of $ 999 but it has lowered down to the price of $ 800. If you choose to buy Note 10 you will have to invest at least $ 300 more than the Galaxy s10 price.

Identical Battery Capacities

The battery life of both the phones is quite similar in fact at some occasions the Galaxy s10 battery proved to be a little more reliable than the Note 10 battery. It definitely is a smart move to opt for the less expensive phone when the battery capacity of both the phones is similar.

Both phones have nearly identical rear cameras

The Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 10 Plus have the same kind of rear camera systems. They have a 12 mega pixel lens and telephoto lens along with a 16 megapixel ultra wide lens. The difference is that Note 10 Plus captures 3d images very well.

Both phones have the same brains

The Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 10 Plus are energized by the same Snapdragon 855 chip. They have the same type of fingerprint reader, wireless charging and have a set of headphones.  Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 12 GB ram but Note 10 Plus comes with just 8 GB ram.

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Galaxys10 has a headphone jack but Note 10 includes an S pen

The introduction of an SPen by Note 10 might be exciting, but people generally don’t like to write notes by themselves. To use the phone with the help of the pen can be tiring. In this case, galaxy10 who has a hand free headphone will be more attractive for customers. S10 plus also has a variety of other options are the selfies can be taken easily with the use of this phone as they are clear as compared to galaxy10. The selfie photos can be used for making good portraits.

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