Triumph for right-wing populists of Matteo Salvini, a serious setback for the Five star: From a regional election in Italy has gone the rights to the Lega interior Minister Salvini as the clear winner.

The Five-star movement suffered in the election in Abruzzo, however, a bitter defeat. The election in the Central Italian Region on Sunday was the first Test for the government coalition of right-wing Lega and populist star movement in Rome. The result is likely to complicate the cooperation between the two parties at the national level and Salvini of the Lega additional momentum.

the candidate of The right party, Fratelli d’italia, Marco Marsilio, the Lega had supported, got 48 percent of the vote. Fratelli d’Italia was entered into in the Region of an Alliance with the Northern League and the Forza Italia of Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at the national level, the Fratelli to sit in the same way as the Forza in the Opposition.

The Lega got almost 28 percent of the vote, and with your harsh Anti-migration rate as the strongest party. The stars ended up with around 20 percent only in third place – in the parliamentary election last year they got in the Abruzzo region of 40 percent. The result confirms the downward trend of the Anti-Establishment party in the polls.

The centre-left coalition got with your candidate Giovanni Legnini more than 31 percent and was able to increase its result compared to the parliamentary elections in 2018 enormously.

The Region of Abruzzo, East of Rome is one of the poorest in Italy, and afflicted by severe earthquakes.