With the reason for the pension plans of the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) have to deal with that now the peaks of the Grand coalition. CDU-Chef Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced that the theme of the next coalition Committee on 13. To put February on the agenda.

“We expect that the Federal labor says the Ministry, such as tax, the basic pension should be, and that the Federal Ministry of Finance explained to us how this concept is to be funded,” she said in a Twitter spread the video message. At the same time, the CDU leader criticised the fact that salvation go concept far beyond the decisions of the coalition agreement.

The plans of the Minister of Labour, millions of lives small get-income earners after a long work automatically higher pensions. Small pensions are to be increased by up to 447 euros a month. The Union criticised that the actual requirement should not be checked. So many retirees could benefit who are not in need of support.

the FDP Chairman Christian Lindner sees the plans in a critical and warns against arbitrariness: “Our pension must be based on objective criteria, i.e.: the duration of the Deposit, the amount of the contributions results in a pension amount,” he said in the ARD”morning magazine”.

SPD parliamentary group Vice-Achim Post accused the Union parties, meanwhile, a wrong priority: “the CDU and the CSU do not make plans for a fair basic pension in question, because, allegedly, the money was not sufficient. At the same time the CDU and the CSU call for billions in tax cuts for top earners and businesses.”

Matthias W. Birkwald, pension policy spokesman of the left group, warned not to harp on the healing proposal. “People who were 35 years or longer in the low-wage sector toil, have earned a minimum standard of living in old age without a means test and without going to the welfare office in good faith.” Also the social Association VdK rejects a means-test. Who work a lifetime, have earned a pension above the basic social security, said VdK President Verena Bentele.

it is Clear that a means-test the basic pension is likely to be significantly cheaper. As the “image”newspaper (Tuesday), would have in accordance with the therapeutic concept of up to four million people are entitled to the basic pension, the cost would be around five billion Euro in the year.

A means-test could reduce the number of recipients to approximately 130,000 people. The annual cost would then be only about 200 million euros. These Figures were in the case of the German pension insurance on Tuesday, however, not verify.