eight years after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, the operator has started for the first time, with the retrieval of fuel rods from one of the destroyed accident of the reactors.

announced As the group Tepco on Monday, should be seven unused fuel rods from the spent fuel pool of reactor 3. There is a total of 566 spent and unused fuel rods stored. The reactors 1 to 3 were on the 11. March 2011 in the Wake of an earthquake and tsunami destroyed, it will melt came to the Core. Because of the radioactive radiation had to flee around 160 000 residents. There are still around 30 000 can’t go back. It is the worst of the atom had been a disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

was Originally intended to be with the salvage of the fuel rods already four years ago began. But there had been problems with the salvage equipment and the extremely high level of radiation.

in Total, are stored in the spent fuel pools of the three stricken reactors 1573 spent and unused fuel rods. Especially the enormous amount of burnt and still glowing fuel rods represents a significant challenge for the workers. The salvaged fuel rods are to be migrated to a different, more secure pool on the grounds of the atomic ruins. The operator, Tepco expects that the recovery will last until the end of March 2021.