servant of The of health reasons, retiring Chairman of the Left in the Bundestag, Sahra car, the stress of disease-related not alone to the fights with the party leaders Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger.

“We had conflicts, which is also known to the public. But I don’t think the due now, that would also be right,” she said on Sunday evening in the ARD-show “Anne Will”. “It was just overall, very, very much. And that’s why this decision came now.”

the servant led her two month long illness on the enormous burden, as the group’s Chairman, avoided but also on demand the term “Burnout”. For the designation of the Doctors were responsible. You said: “The question is, how much one moves, if one is inwardly always burned-out.” Anyone who wants something to move, must be able to get air and have time to read, ideas to develop creative ideas. “I want to appeal to people, Yes I want to win people. And when you feel empty inside, then that is always heavier.”

a servant had not announced a week ago, to be a candidate for health reasons again in the autumn for the Left group, top. You said that you expect an earlier exchange. The decision about the deck but not with her, but of the group.