servant to The Head of the left party, Sahra car, has admitted for the first Time, that it was the deep injury, by its party-internal were added to adversaries, which have ultimately contributed to its withdrawal from the group of tip. In an Interview with the star Wagenknecht says, to the question, what have you violated: “If you put me in the Nazi corner, my views as a nationalistically or even racially vilified. Something like that is just despicable.”

waiver of group presidency

Sahra wagenknecht – a woman goes at a distance

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In the star car speaks servant, how long they’ve fought for it. “You tried to, the outside world believe that it has a tank. It is supposed to know no one, where and how much of it is vulnerable. But in fact, beads of attacks and defamation is not so simple.”

a servant had announced at the beginning of last week their withdrawal from the group chair with the reference to it to feel “burned out”.

Wagenknecht: “I feel free”

In the stern interview, said the Left-politician: “politics is a snake pit. Real friendships can arise in this climate.” She was glad to have to in the future, the clashes, which have led in the past, not more. “To the extent that I feel really liberated.”

In the star wagenknecht also appeals to the Left, to decide which party they wanted to be in the future. “There are two concepts left-wing politics. Either you focus on the academically oriented large-scale urban environments – the way the party leadership has gone in the last few years. Or are you trying to relegation threatened middle class and the poor.” Wagenknecht: “A Left that is no longer elected by the people of the predatory capitalism plays on the worst, that has lost its soul.”

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