Who has a sense of punchlines with a historical reference to time – here you go, here is one: On the day exactly 20 years after her husband, Oskar Lafontaine of his beloved SPD want the chunks before the feet kicked and Bang stopped, the SPD leader to be announced on Monday, Sahra wagenknecht, their withdrawal from the group, on top of the Left. You will not be standing in the autumn elections. This may be the beginning of the end of a difficult relationship, the consequence of a long-lasting alienation process, which is not always a simple politician, with their not always simple party. Whether it leads, however, to be consistent, to the complete break with the Left, even to a party establishment, and thus an analogy in the house of Lafontaine, the time will show. Forecast: rather not.

Sahra wagenknecht, the Left needs. And the Left needs a servant Sahra car. Actually. Wagenknecht was in very hard times (and is still) the “most beautiful face of socialism”, if you must use it to the Wall of the figure skater Kati Witt conferred the title once. You have listened to her. At least the. With by pressing the cross, undeterred by the hostility of the bourgeois world, she moved from talk show to talk show to present there with unmoved countenance your point of view. Always controversial, never hysterical. Never stupid, and never flat. To the chagrin of servant Car (probably to the chagrin of her husband at home in Merzig) only, unfortunately – never a majority.

Before the party

Gysi on Wagenknecht: “Sahra is not a goddess, and she knows it”

DPA Sahra wagenknecht, makes their own thing

it May well be that something worn down in the long term. Now that the search for meaning has begun with a woman, this summer 50. A woman, the meetings of Bodies, to put it mildly, never as a subject to entertainment tax felt. A woman who is distant in such an important political questions such as the handling of the Migration of the majority in her party increasingly. The distance has become greater over the years. If the Comrades should designate a noise that you Association with wagenknecht, then it was the rolling suitcase. They enjoyed the presence of the Enjoyed only rarely. She was also like, spatially at a distance, to make your thing, the car servant thing.

With her but arg is a theoretical construct, a collection of movement, with the name “Stand up reasons” from above, Wagenknecht an additional wedge in the party. Whether this was intentional or not – you took the rifts that emerged from it, at least. Many were upset about your Ego Trip. That draws you in “Stand up” from the inner circle, suggests that the movement trusts apparently not too big of a stunner. It was an attempt. He is a failure.

Gregor Gysi, himself a Great rhetorician, has chosen in the recent star Interview, Sahra wagenknecht, especially among the ten best speakers of German history. For the Left it would be disastrous if you have to abandon in the near future in this talent.