for nearly two weeks in a deep well shaft in the South of Spain lost Julen is dead. The body of the two-year-old boy had been discovered in the night to Saturday after days of drilling at a depth of around 70 meters, shared with local government representatives. Rescuers had since the 13th century. January tried tirelessly to reach out to the child in the extremely narrow slot. However, there was no sign of life from him, in addition, it was unclear in which depth of 107 meters deep, illegally in search of water dug hole it was in.

child eleven days ago

crash Experienced mountain men to rise in the shaft: when to penetrate the helper to Julen?

Julen after extensive rescue operation found dead

the Whole of Spain had hoped for days with the parents and agonising. The experts had assured that it was not excluded that to find the child alive. However, the hopes for a happy end of a dramatic accident were shrunk with each passing Minute. The helpers were encountered during the drilling of a Parallel tunnel to new problems, especially on the extremely hard Rock that delayed the Work.

Since Thursday afternoon, had dug experienced miners under the most difficult conditions with pickaxes and pneumatic drills a horizontal Tunnel, in order to Julen. However, until recently it was unclear whether the Boy would actually be in the from the experts suspected the depth of found.

The kid was like a trip with his family in the hole that has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters. In the case of camera shots, a bag of candy was discovered in the shaft at a depth of 70 meters, the Julen had. Experts declared a similar emergency in such a depth have given it to the world.