Nearly 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong’s “small step for man” on the earth’s satellites. That it took so long before the Moonwalk, thanks to “awakening the moon” the way to the cinema (8. November) has found, on the one hand is surprising. On the other hand, but also good, because technically so impressive as now Neil’s moon travel could previously not be staged. But, departure to the moon” also in terms of the act is “such a good movie fare, you will not looks out of this world? Or Director Damien Chazelle (33) shot himself to the moon?

this is the purpose of “awakening the moon”

It is the year 1961: a risky flight to the limit of the atmosphere test pilot Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling, 37), just as with the life of it. More than the regular horrors of his job makes him a tragedy in your own four walls. His two-year-old daughter, Karen suffers from a brain tumor. Though Neil and his wife Janet (Claire Foy, 34) do everything to save Karen, comes one day in the young life of the Little to.

a Short time after the death of his daughter, Armstrong is applying for the so-called Project Gemini of NASA. In spite of the Calamity and the potential impact he could have on Neil’s Psyche, it is included as an Astronaut and finds himself soon in the midst of a global race. Which Nation will be first to those of any man who will set foot on the moon? The United States or the Soviet Union?

well-Known story, a fresh approach

warning, Spoiler: Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. You should not have to go due to a surprising end in “awakening the moon”, which will be the largest in history-muffle of this universe is clear. Even more demanding than in the comparable movie “Apollo 13” with Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, the task of the Director, Damien Chazelle, to present in his Film, the journey is the destination. And even if the success of the domestic US could make funds doubt, succeeded him. .