are Down icicles falling in St. Petersburg in the Winter is an everyday danger. Now a Student is killed when the roof of the University of chemical pharmaceuticals masses of ice broke and on the street collapsed, as the local newspaper “Fontanka” reported. Thus, the tragedy against 15 a.m., occurred on Tuesday afternoon. The deceased 23-year-old Student from Uzbekistan was just left with a friend at the building over, as the icicles crashed down. He was deceased at the disaster site. His companion suffered serious injuries and was now in the hospital.

The state University of Saint Petersburg, the building belongs to, denies any responsibility for the disaster. “The removal of the roof cornice up to the point where the ice cream ended up on the street, is about ten meters. There is a front garden and a fence. It seems as if the block of ice from a window or a Bay window is to bounce”, do you defend yourself in the city’s district administration.

Minus 40 degrees

Chicago in ice: the images are reminiscent of the end of the world movies

The Russian investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on suspicion of negligent killing to be initiated.

Russian Roulette in Saint Petersburg

again and again to be hurt icicles in the northernmost metropolis of the world people by falling. In the past week alone at least six people with head injuries have been admitted to hospital. “This is nothing more than Russian Roulette on the roads”, – quotes the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” enraged citizens.

“Every day, people on the streets of our city suffering serious injuries,” said Alexander Schischlow, Commissioner for human rights of the city of St. Petersburg, according to the news Agency Regnum. “On the 1. February a snow rushed to heap on the head of an employee of my office. How many people must die before we can go in the Winter without fear of the door?” The currently intolerable Situation also not the weather is to blame, but the irresponsibility of the authorities, which did not meet their obligations. “Everyone who was injured has the right to demand compensation and to bring those responsible before the courts. My staff and I are willing to help people,” stressed Schischlow.

sources: “Fontanka”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Regnum

Mass deaths

new year’s eve and Christmas ends for thousands of Russians fatal

To have new year’s eve and Christmas, the Russians are unusually long: the Same ten days you can celebrate. But the long break doesn’t get all good. For 18,000 people, the holidays end with the death.