In the affair around alleged funds from Russia to the party of Italian interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has turned to a media report, according to the Prosecutor’s office. In Milan, an investigation had been launched, reported the news Agency Ansa on Thursday. However, it remained unclear whether the investigations have just been initiated or already have run longer. At the Prosecutor’s office, no one was first to reach.

On Wednesday had reported the Online magazine, “Buzzfeed”, to have an Audio recording leaked to get to confirm a Meeting by a former speaker of Salvini with the Kremlin, the middle politicians. It should be discussed how the coffers of the party Lega could be filled before the recent European elections with millions from Russia, without that the law prohibited the election campaign, the help was discovered.

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European elections in 2019

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“Buzzfeed” was held according to the Meeting in October 2018 in Moscow during a visit of the Italian Minister of the interior. There is talk of 65 million dollars. Russia should sell three million tons of oil for 1.5 billion dollars to the Italian energy company Eni. 65 million should be diverted for the Lega and on tortuous Paths in the party’s cash flow.

Whether at the Meeting in Moscow negotiated agreement was implemented and whether Salvini’s party has received in fact, Russian financial assistance, according to “BuzzFeed” is unclear.

Salvini argues all allegations ab

In February, the Italian investigative magazine “L’espresso had reported” already, about such secret negotiations, and also Lega, a member of the Gianluca Savoini called. Savoini had accompanied Salvini in the autumn of last year to Moscow.

the Salvini had announced on Wednesday, to want to because of the new report claims, and had denied ever having used money from Russia. “I never took a ruble, Euro, Dollar or a Liter of vodka from Russia,” he said. “From Moscow I brought always matryoshka, ‘Masha and the bear’ for my daughter. And who said says the contrary is lying and knows he is lying”, Salvini on Thursday.

The Russian policy has been supporting for a long time had the reputation to be ready to pro-Russian nationalists in Europe.

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