In the case of air attacks in the North-West of Syria have been killed, according to the latest information from activists of more than 40 civilians. The Syrian Observatory for human rights said on Monday, at least 41 dead, including 35 on a vegetable market in the town of Maaret al-Numan in the Idlib province. Previously, the talk had been of at least 23 dead. Idlib is one of the last major rebel areas in Syria.

More than 100 other people were injured, many more were buried under the rubble. Also a helper to the rescue organization of the white helmets was among those killed.

activists say that Numan black smoke rose after the attacks in Maarat al-about the centre of the city. According to them, combat aircraft flew four attacks in a row on the same area. Local residents reported that about 50 shops and a dozen four-storey building had been destroyed. “These are purely civilian areas,” a local resident told the German press Agency.

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always fly back to The Observatory, Russia was responsible for the attacks. The Russian military rejected this. Russia is in the war, the most important ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and is fighting there for 2015 with your own troops.

The activists, the Video of a veiled woman, the U.S. President Donald Trump in English with an American accent published calls to stop the “massacres against civilians”. Since the beginning of the Offensive on Idlib in April, the Syrian observation were killed, centre for human rights that more than 700 civilians and more than 300 000 people by fighting expelled.

Syrian and Russian aircraft to fly again and again attacks on the rebel territory around the city of Idlib. Only on Sunday were killed at Bombardier, according to human rights observers, at least eleven civilians. Dominated the rebel territory of Al-Qaeda-affiliated militia Haiat Tahrir al-sham. There are about three million people, around half of the Displaced persons.

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