Shortly before the end of the INF-Treaty on the prohibition of land-based nuclear medium-range weapons has warned Russia the U.S. a stationing of such missiles in Europe.

Should be placed in the agreement prohibited missiles, then Russia reserves the right to representation the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Moscow to analog in the vicinity of the US, such weapons station. The German foreign Minister Heiko Maas expressed concern about Russian nuclear weapons in the European neighbourhood.

in 1987, US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed the end of a Friday. Only the United States had denounced, then Russia the Treaty. Both sides give each other the blame for it.

The Americans and Nato to throw the Russians specifically to have with your missile of the type 9M729 (Nato-Code: SSC-8) in breach of the contract, because they fly farther than allowed. Moscow denies this and vowed to be faithful to the Treaty have been. The agreement prohibits land-based missiles and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500 kilometers.

“All the Appeals and dialogue offers, in Spite of denied Russia the destruction of the breach of contract system and stationed also the most modern nuclear weapons in our neighbourhood. Us, Europeans preparing the big Worry,” wrote SPD politician Maas in a guest article for the editors ‘ network of Germany. “If we do not stop the disintegration of the global arms control architecture, this has serious consequences for our security and peace in the world.”

by Contrast, Russia has long called for the United States to deduct about your stationed in Germany nuclear weapons. Even a majority in Germany, as a survey by the opinion research Institute Kantar, commissioned by Greenpeace showed. 84 percent of the respondents reported that Germany-based US nuclear weapons should be completely disappear. On the German airbase in Büchel in the Eifel region around 20 US nuclear bombs are according to unconfirmed information. 86 percent of respondents said the Federal government should prohibit the stationing of nuclear U.S. medium-range missiles in Germany.

Moscow has warned Washington repeatedly against missiles based in Europe. “All options are on the table”, said the Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov to the Interfax Agency, with a view to possible reactions. Military experts in Moscow see about Venezuela or Cuba, as possible locations for Russian missiles.

The Diplomat Ryabkov recalled that Russia had not imposed a unilateral Moratorium, to the kidneys such missiles for the time being, station. He criticised the fact that neither the United States nor Nato had been received on the proposal for a moratorium. According to Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, there is not currently, but the intention to kidneys new land-based nuclear weapons systems based in Europe.

The former Soviet President, Mikhail Gorbachev fears the of the Treaty, a new arms race. “This step of the USA makes the world politics is unpredictable, and the development of chaotic,” said the Nobel peace prize laureate Interfax. This lead also, “the security not only in Europe but throughout the world, will be undermined”. The FDP foreign policy expert Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said it was a “great loss for the European safety”.

At the same time, Russia warned again, well at least the New Start Treaty to limit strategic nuclear to save weapons. He runs out in 2021. Moscow and Washington had agreed to talk about a renewal of the agreement. Tangible there is not but so far. It stipulates that the nuclear arsenals on the 800 delivery systems and 1550 deployed nuclear warheads ready to reduce.

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