The fierce power struggle in Venezuela is still in full swing. Now the landing of two Russian military aircraft in Venezuela, caused a stir. The machine – an Ilyushin IL-62 and an Antonov an-124 – according to media reports, on Saturday at the airport of the capital Caracas landed.

According to the Russian ambassadors, the machines are part of an ongoing “technical-military” Convention, quoted by the Russian news Agency Sputnik. On Board 99 Russian soldiers and 35 tons were cargo. According to Venezuelan media, the Delegation is under the direction of the chief of staff of the land forces of Russia, Vasily Tonkoschkurow. The cargo plane should have left Caracas already.

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Russia Maduro also supports military

What is transported in the Antonov, exactly, is unclear. Venezuela’s head of state, Nicolás Maduro, had announced last week that Russia would send medicines to Venezuela.

Russia will continue to support the head of state, Maduro has intensified relations with the country in the last few years. Joint military maneuvers of the Russian and Venezuelan armed forces in the South American country was pushed in December, on sharp criticism. Especially the installation of two nuclear weapons-capable long-range bombers of the type Tu-160 to Venezuela caused concern, among other things, in the organization of American States (OAS).

In January, had declared the opposition politician Juan Guaidó to the interim President of Venezuela. Since then, a bitter power struggle in the lack of supply-stricken country. Guaidó is recognized by the United States and approximately 50 other countries, including Germany.

sources: Reuters, Associated Press