The United States officially announces one of the most important disarmament agreement with Russia, and thus fears of a nuclear armament in Europe triggered. Until the INF Treaty for the renunciation of nuclear medium distance weapon finally expires, will remain, but – at least theoretically – up to six months time for a possible settlement of the dispute. US President, Donald Trump, and foreign Minister Mike Pompeo announced on Friday in Washington, the United States felt from this Saturday in the obligations of the Treaty (read more here).

Like this, to fear, to follow rich’s review? For “The world” has been the train “needed”: “Putin has for years, the post-war order the Cold war in question”, comments the newspaper. The “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” says that the United States pursue a different subject: “Russia is in our sights, but China.” Consensus exists among commentators, only in one point: “nuclear weapons, stabilize, destabilize,” as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” writes. The Press Votes.


Berlin: protesters with Putin and Trump mask, and a Merkel mask face with rocket models on the Pariser Platz. They protest action against the threat From the INF disarmament agreement between Russia and the United States.

©Paul Zinken DPA US to terminate the agreement on Disarmament with Russia – media comment on the step

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung : “Since the first years of the second Obama administration, the United States is complaining about a Russian violation of the Treaty. The Kremlin made about the actions of fun, and many of the European partners in Nato, Washington would not have it true. This is not so. Russia can achieve with the installation of a Cruise missile that can be equipped with a nuclear warhead, and targets almost anywhere in Europe, far beyond Berlin, the INF Treaty of 1987 ‘, in fact, except for force’, said today the German foreign Minister Maas. It is bold, when the Russian Vice-layered foreign Minister on an innocent face, and it’s extremely irresponsible calls’, by unilateral actions to undermine the Treaty. He is quite right, only self-criticism was, of course, his intention.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich, Germany): “nuclear weapons do not stabilize, destabilize them. This is especially true if they are understood as to be scheduled end of military means. Such Thinking is especially dangerous in a time in which the U.S. President holds the Alliance with Europe is obsolete, but at least for unfair and in Moscow in many different ways, to hybrid warfare, national size and international standing would back up.”

“world” (Berlin): “the Political: Should talks with Moscow fail, remains the West, nothing else, as the American nuclear weapons on European Nato to modernize the area and to build additional new medium-range systems. The termination of the INF Treaty by the Americans is the first to be so unpleasant and necessary step. Not, US President, Donald Trump is responsible for this, it is his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin. For years, he represents the post-war order the Cold war, and relies on the weakness of the West. It is also due to the German, to teach him better.”

“Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” : “Washington justified the termination of the INF Treaty, Moscow will be in breach of the contract. Really? Of course, that may be so, but the US has released no evidence of a Russian violation. It also speaks not just for the U.S. government that it has hit the Russian invitations to examine the controversial cruise missiles, and to Talk to. Because of the suspicion that the US is in reality something else: the opportunity to build new weapons systems and to the kidneys to the deterrent station, especially in East Asia, without the annoying restraints of a disarmament Treaty. Because Russia is in their sights, but China. Washington sees the INF Treaty is increasingly falling behind compared to Beijing, his long-standing opponent, which is not included in this contract.”

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USA announce historic disarmament Treaty: What could be the consequences


“Sächsische Zeitung” (of Dresden): “This date will go down as a black day for arms control and disarmament in the story. As feared, the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty, signed and sealed. That the INF has to weaken the Treaty, is not to be overlooked. It reflects the security political constellation as that which prevailed in the final stages of the Cold war. Seen in this way, the contract time, in accordance with. Therefore, you have to try to renew it. The notice is the wrong way to go. Because it is a barrier against the atomic betting falls equip.”

“Westfälische Nachrichten” (of Münster): “Russia is playing with false cards, because new, forbidden cruise missiles exist for a long time. As for the United States to take this template are only too grateful. Washington wants to break the shackles of the INF Treaty – mainly because Beijing is not included. The military power of China is to some extent out of control.”

“General-Anzeiger” (of Bonn): “Maybe it’s US President, Donald Trump comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of the INF Treaty, just because they could equip uninhibited than before your troops (to). Trump himself has with Nato – such as the summit of the Alliance meeting last year in Brussels, dramatic has shown, nothing in the hat, Putin considers the North Atlantic Alliance has always been as an opponent.”

“Central German newspaper” (of Halle): “no one should be surprised, therefore, when the cooling in the world’s view of Putin, the West more than ever as a fissile Material appears. However, no one knows how long Putin can drive his loud humming centrifugal from nationalism and militarism. For a true super power, the economic Dimension is missing in Russia. At the same time, the close, China is preparing, by the systematic and mass-application of artificial intelligence, his own variation of a handle for world domination.”