With alcohol, the young Dima is on a war footing. Beer and vodka have brought him to a carefree Childhood. “My father was a drunk, very much to drink,” says the 21-year-old Russian.

“He also was violence in the process.” Dima swore: “I’ll always be sober.” The Student will not be equal to the common clichĂ© about the consumption of alcohol that continues to persist abroad about Russia. The government in Moscow is not working on it already, that more and more young Russians reach for the bottle.

With his the age of 21 could buy Dima alcohol. In Russia it is allowed with 18. . In the future, young people should be allowed to only purchase Dimas age spirits. The government’s plans came after a known to be a positive response. The Parliament should agree to the tightening of the rules for sale once again. Already since 2013, the night must go between 23.00 and 8.00 PM in super markets and kiosks no alcohol over the counter.

In Germany, may not be sold beer and wine to 16-Year-old, liquor is only about 18-Year-old. Again and again, but there are claims that young people are not allowed to grab with 16 alcohol in the shopping cart.

If a harder line is going to bring in Russia? Dima is skeptical. “Young people are able to circumvent the ban,” he said. “You can just convince the Elderly that they buy you alcohol. The do people under 18 today.” Nevertheless, he expressed hope for a change in his country. “My father was unemployed. He was on for weeks at home and drank. For us, it has been very difficult,” – remembers Dima. He and his mother are now drawn from the East of Russia in the capital Moscow, without the father.

the mood in The society for a change, is convinced the Russian health policy-makers Fedot Tumusow. The Duma Deputy said recently on television: “Not to drink, used to be frowned upon. Today, it is the other way around.” Occasionally, statistics are published which demonstrate that the Russians refrain from alcohol more and more. Accordingly, 40 percent drink in the meantime no alcohol. Ten years ago, it was 26 percent.

Nevertheless, these Figures should not obscure the fact that the consumption of beer, wine and liquor is a widespread phenomenon in the largest country in the world. Recently, there were reports, according to which alone, in the South Siberian Region of Buryatia more than ten people within a short period of time in case of severe Frost froze to death, because they have previously looked to deep into the glass or in the bottle.

After the fall of Figures presented by the world health organization, Russians drink about 15 years, an average of 11.7 litres of pure alcohol in a year. In 2010 of 15.8 litres. The Germans came in 2016 to an average of 11.3 liters. In Russia, the Ministry of health were treated according to 2017, 1.5 million people because they had problems with alcohol. The number had decreased compared to 2012 by 22 percent, it said.

In the past, there were always Attempts to get the alcohol problem under control. Ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev failed, the campaign failed miserably. He wanted to reach in the 1980s to get the abuse by limiting the production and by high prices in the handle the have taken from him many Russians are evil.

in the Meantime, a lot has happened. Today about Drinking in public places is prohibited. Is currently being discussed, whether alcohol is sold only in specialized markets and not in the supermarket and discounts on liquor should be banned.

services for Addicts have been established in the meantime: Since 1988, there has been alcoholics Anonymous, the count according to their own figures the country more than 500 groups. “That’s not enough, because the Problem is widespread alcoholism,” says the self-help organization. “Our main goal is to stay sober.”

A total ban on alcohol, the Addiction doctor Alexander Nemtsov thinks is not a good idea. “First, it is impossible, and secondly, it is hardly good because alcohol is a wonderful sedative,” he told the Online newspaper Lenta.ru. “People with a hard life have a need to release tensions.” Alcohol could help, but only if he’ll drink in moderation.


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