took After the protests and mass in Moscow, the Russian has accused the Ministry of foreign Affairs foreigners in the internal politics of Russia to interfere.

A Diplomat at the U.S. Embassy had been convened in Moscow, informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The representation was called up in the Internet to participate in the protests.

The message alert published information about the protests to a U.S. citizen prior to the possible to. The actions organized by the opposition to the imprisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

The focus of attention of Foreign broadcasters in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Deutsche Welle (DW) is. Also the transmitter, the Ministry have called for a participation.

“Such antics of the media” does not conform to journalistic ethics and are prohibited, the Ministry announced the annual winner of the German Embassy, Beate Grzeski,. “The Russian side reserves the right, in the case of a repetition of the law, to react with the applicable national laws.”

For several weeks, thousands of people go for authorised and non-authorised actions for free and fair elections to the Moscow city Parliament on may 8. September on the streets. The Opposition is not allowed for alleged defect of form. In the past two weekends, a total of more than 2000 people were arrested, including some journalists. The police violence against protesters had caused international criticism. Also Russian human rights activists accused the police of serious offences.

The DW and the Ministry of supply since the days of a slugfest, because a DW correspondent was arrested at a Demonstration at the end of July temporarily fixed. The transmitter had sent a protest note to the Russian foreign Ministry. The authority explained, the Reporter was “itself an active participant in the unlawful actions”.

The DW Director General Peter Limbourg rejected the accusation as absurd. His station had reported on the demonstrations only. The Deutsche Welle is not on call, in principle, to participate in the protests, said Limbourg the editorial network Germany (RND/Friday).

Also this Saturday, protest actions are planned. Is, however, allowed only a rallies of 100,000 people. The organisers expect one of the largest mass demonstrations since 2011. At that time, tens of thousands of people went to the streets to demonstrate against rigging in the election of the new Russian Parliament. Many popular bloggers called for in part with millions of followers to participate. They stressed that they had never before participated in a rally.

especially the recent police violence against peaceful demonstrators, driving the people on the street, said the opposition politician, Lyubov Sobol on Friday at a press conference. Sobol, the is weakened for weeks of a hunger strike clearly said that there is in Russia no other instruments than street protests and more, in order to claim justice. The courts in Russia are not always in the criticism, to work independently.

The Russian justice system is determined, in the meantime, against the Team of the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny for money laundering. The office of his Fund for fighting corruption was searched, in addition, accounts of the Foundation as well as numerous supporters were frozen. Navalny’s campaign Team stressed that it can not be intimidated and more protests followed. “There is only one answer to the pressure of the authorities: to work even harder.”

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