CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has rules for “opinion-making” on the Internet in election campaign periods to talking, and some harsh criticism conceded.

Kramp-Karrenbauer said on Monday in Berlin after meetings of their party: “What’s going on would actually be in this country when a series of, say, 70 newspaper editors had declared two days before the election, we will make a joint call: please not that the CDU and the SPD. That would be a clear spin prior to the election have been.”

such A call would have triggered a fierce debate in this country. “And the question arises with a view on the topic of opinion-making, what are actually the rules from the analog area, and what are the rules actually for the digital section, Yes or no.” This is a fundamental question, “we are about to entertain us, not we in the CDU, the CDU, but, I’m sure of it, in the whole of the media policy and democracy the theoretical discussion of the next time and will play a role.”

In the social networks of your words were understood to the effect that it had stimulated the regulation of freedom of expression on the Internet prior to the elections. Also, opposition politicians took the floor. Thus, the FDP, wrote Chairman Christian Lindner on Twitter: “@akk is considering the regulation of expression prior to elections… I can hardly believe it. We need, on the contrary, more open debates, also in Social media.” Kramp-Karrenbauer said in the evening on the accusations that it was absurd “to want to regulate me, expressions of opinion”. The background is a choice of calling a number of Youtubers before the European elections, directed in particular against the CDU and the SPD is.

the Parliamentary Secretary of The Left faction in the Bundestag Niema Movassat, tweeted: “The Statement of the CDU Chairman of AKK today to Statements made by Influencers is an unprecedented attack on the freedom of expression. 70 years of the basic law and the CDU Head of the axe sets. The woman is in no way more portable and should resign immediately.”

AfD-Vice-Georg Pazderski said: “After the bitter CDU electoral defeat at the EU election AKK brings a censorship of the Internet before the elections to the conversation. The fear of the established political parties before the upcoming parliamentary elections in the autumn in the East casts long shadows.” And the group leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, said: “I believe that the @akk should not make another for the CDU result. Who doesn’t tackle the climate crisis, loses.”

Kramp-Karrenbauer stressed in the evening, via Twitter: “freedom of expression is of great importance in the democracy. What we need to talk, are the rules that apply in the election campaign.” In a further Tweet, she wrote: “If the influence of journalists or Youtubers rich to choose not to or even destruction of the democratic parties of the centre calling, it is a question of political culture. It is the parties of the centre are straight, the democratic values every day to defend.”

in Particular, the CDU had been attacked before the elections of Youtubers sharp. In a million times clicked Video of the Youtuber Rezo had said, among other things, the CDU destroy “our lives and our future”. He accused the party to be in the area of climate change, idly and to make policy for the Rich. The CDU had long wrestled with the question of how you react to the Video. After the first rejection Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak omissions had given. An invitation to the party at Rezo to an interview remained unanswered.

The climate was a Central theme in the European elections on Sunday. The CDU has been there to massive loss.