The plans for a measles vaccination in Germany to be more specific. At the beginning of may is expected to be a proposal of the competent Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU).

Spahn has called for mandatory measles vaccinations for children in daycare centers and schools, also Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) is in favour of. In the case of the countries there is currently no uniform Position. Some want to wait for the proposal of the Federal government. This would at least facilitate a uniform Federal solution.

Next to the Brandenburg Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia’s state government is determined to be a mandatory vaccination. Currently, the country is exploring, but still. Family Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) said the “Rheinische Post”: “I am in favour of a General vaccination – this also applies to kindergartens.” Also the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) is for a vaccination. He assures Spahn explicitly its support for the examination.

Federal Minister for family Affairs, Giffey confirmed in an interview with the editor-in network in Germany (Saturday): “government Action is needed to compromise if the risk of other children in kindergartens, schools or other institutions, to not get in the handle.” Spahn led, among other things, discussions with the coalition partner SPD. SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach appeared at the end of March confident “that we can soon submit a proposal”.

measles is highly contagious and can extend in rare cases, even fatal. Nevertheless, a compulsion to measles should not be to enforce vaccination easily. The scientific service of the Bundestag, had already noted two years ago on constitutional issues. The experts do not exclude the possibility of a mandatory vaccination for certain diseases to enforce, generally speaking.

For day-care children could work to some extent, in the case of School-children may be more difficult. And beyond the legal problem is that the vaccination is done in several steps, and then to take effect. Decided it must be so also about the vaccine and about whether or not there are triple or quadruple shots.

Brandenburg was ahead on Thursday. The Parliament called on the red-red state government with a broad majority, to create the conditions to ensure that up to a Federal regulatory solution to a vaccination as a mandatory prerequisite for attending day-care centres and day care. At the same time, the government should introduce an initiative in the Bundesrat. Thuringia’s education Minister Helmut Holter (Left party) argued on Sunday that his government supports the Initiative.

A vaccination for kindergarten children was more than what had been decided by the Federal government in the last parliamentary term, to stricter rules. Since then, parents who want to send their children to day-care centres need to be able to, among other things, a mandatory vaccination advice prove. Also in this case it was so that the Federal government pretended the uniform Federal framework for the should implement the country then.

After a measles outbreak in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the members of the opposition in Hamburg, the CDU called for a vaccination of all city employees who work with children. In addition, attendance at a day-care centre for children should be “properly proven to the vaccination status”, said the spokeswoman, Birgit Stöver of the dpa. According to the Hamburg Senate, the Coverage is 93.5 percent. The “not sufficient to prevent infection completely, let alone the measles completely eradicate”, said Stöver.

The Berlin health Senator Dilek Kolat (SPD) argued: “in Principle I have nothing against a mandatory vaccination, but we have to wait and see the draft law at the Federal level.” If the mandatory vaccination coming nationwide to Berlin. In lower Saxony, wants to discuss, Minister of health of Carola Reimann (SPD) via a mandatory vaccination, if it comes in the long term, to a deterioration of the Situation. Hesse’s Minister of health, Kai Klose (Green) to provide a better education for higher vaccination rates. “From our point of view, a vaccination at the Moment is not proportionate and not necessary,” he said of the dpa.