29. March is a special day. 29. March 845 conquered the Vikings in Paris, for example. 29. March 1973, left the last American soldier in South Vietnam. In the following year, equal to if 29. March, was discovered the terracotta army in China. Battles were fought on this 29. March won or lost. Terence Hill and Rainer Bonhof have on 29. March Birthday. So it’s really a doller a day that can be had for Theresa May really, really, really. 108 Times the British Prime Minister said that the United Kingdom on the 29. March 2019’m going to leave the European Union. You said this so often that she was hoarse.

Now, this is nothing to do with the farewell today, maybe it will be nothing more to do with the departure from the EU. Or much later. You don’t know it. But even if we’re easy and fun half-time, as it would have been, if not the great Chaos spilled over Westminster and the 29. March will lapse. So: Today, the British leave the EU, ordered, orderly, peaceful, and according to Plan. The story would have to be rewritten, and would, with a probability bordering on certainty, then, is:

Mays have the potential to succeed

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29. March: Theresa May, the Prime Minister, strong and self-confident giving a speech in the house of Commons. She says, you’ve always said that it would come to this: Brexit means Brexit, strong and stable, to look outwards to the world. A standing ovation, even the people of Labour to applaud hesitantly. Their chief Jeremy Corbyn mumbling during may’s speech, “stupid woman” to his neighbour, lip readers to confirm the later. Corbyn denies. He swear by the life of his Palestinian ornamental plants, he said “pretty woman”. But no one takes him.

in the Evening May return to Downing Street with her husband, Philip has cooked beans and a bottle of Rotkäppchen sparkling wine uncorked, a gift from Angela Merkel. The two sit on the Sofa, looking at the television “Who wants to be a millionaire”, however, fail in the case of the 500-pound question: “How many women of Boris Johnson?” May want to go to bed. The Daily Mail headline the next Morning: “Rule Britannia!”

Meghan and Harry offers the next generation “Britannia”

16. April: Meghan and Harry are parents. In the early evening, the small Britannia is released healthy. 4000 grams, wide awake, dark complexion, red hair fuzz. The Nation sighs taken, only sister-in-law Kate flexed and Meghan’s called a “Drama Queen”, just like that. The “Daily Mai” subtitled “Rule, Britannia!”.

25. May: The pound is rising, the industry associations are happy, the Brits are happy, Jürgen Klopp is happy, because just the championship with Liverpool. Only Boris Johnson is unhappy. He wanted to be Prime Minister, but now is the May still, and he still sits on the rear benches. He announces the withdrawal into the Private sphere, and writes for the third Time in his memoirs, this time under the title “Rule Britannia!”.

International press

Brexit negotiations

“Finally, the Parliament can have a say: no. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.”


10. June: In summer the English national football team wins the Nations Cup. The interested anyone outside of the UK, but it doesn’t matter. The England coach Gareth Southgate is chosen according to the penalty shoot-out victory over Portugal as the most popular British and May as a foreign Minister, to the Cabinet appointed. His successor, Jogi Löw, whose successor, in turn, is Jürgen Klopp. Angela Merkel calls May and congratulated. This was for both Nations is a “win-win-Situation”. The “Daily Mail” headlines with “Rule Britannia!”.

duel between Cameron and Johnson is running live on “Sky”

13. July: David Cameron is back out of the woodwork. He was the one that the Referendum initiated. He says that he had always known it. Brexit means Brexit, strong and stable. Everything is good, better, best. Cameron has just published his memoirs, where he wrote for two years in a garden shed. You wear the title of “Rule Britannia”. It comes to a copyright dispute with Boris Johnson, the two old friends can not agree. Johnson therefore calls on Cameron to a pistol duel on the banks of the river Thames. It should be live on “Sky”. At the last Moment, Boris pulls back. He wants to eventually be Yes but the Prime Minister, and a sudden death would make this thing more of a hindrance. His book has the simple title: “I rule”.

7. September: In the first game under Jogi Löw, the English national team at Wembley against Bulgaria 0:3 lose. The German is then in front of the press and speaks: “It Japanese like it.” The “Daily Mail” headline: “Jogi go home!” Foreign Minister Gareth Southgate will turn on and calls for Serenity. So the Daily Mail: “Rule Britannia headlines!”

9. October: Theresa May is to be knighted by the Queen. At the ceremony held in Buckingham Palace Prince Philip is not to be overlooked, as he says “stupid woman”. Lip readers confirm this, the Prince denies. But she assures him credible, he didn’t mean May, but his wife. So the thing is off the table.

Brexit negotiations

Theresa May, sacrifices himself and the insane Chaos makes only insane

By Michael Streck

18. October: , The former UKIP Boss Nigel Farage is the outlet in accordance with the EU-a cheerful man. He bought a sailing ship, he sails the Thames up and down, and with a loud-hailer to the Palace of Westminster sonicated. He sings 16 hours of the day and also the night: “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves.” Due to disturbance of the peace, his boat “Rule Britannia”, and Farage will be spent after two months of the Wasserpolize to the harbour, outskirts of Hastings. 14 days later, Farage goes overboard. He washes up in France and sought on the spot for political asylum. The French police are investigating an alcohol content of 2.1 per cent in his blood. Asylum application is rejected. Farage sets in a Boat across the channel, but is stopped by British border guards in front of Kent, and after Syria deported because he has no papers and his Name to be suspicious of the foreign sounds.

Löw is comforting AKK: “It Japanese like it”

22. November: The German Chancellor candidate Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is on a visit; it is not, unfortunately, everything according to Plan. In the first conversation in Downing Street May ask the colleague: “May I call you Angie?” AKK breaks out in tears. At the evening Dinner of equal if invited Jogi Löw to comfort his inconsolable country woman, “like it”. Boris Johnson caught the scent of his historic opportunity and calls for Mays to resign. Such a diplomatic faux pas was absolutely unforgivable. Next day England wins its first game under Jogi Löw against Liechtenstein in Wembley with 1:0. The “Daily Mail” headline: “Rule Britannia!”

25. December: In the Christmas speech of the Queen addresses the Nation. She says, a busy year spent behind the British. And while she talks, rolls Prince Philip in the Background on the toy-land Rover of great-grandson George, through the image, lip readers later confirmed that he had to slur her words all the time “Brumm-Brumm”. In Downing Street, May and her husband celebrate meanwhile, Theresa. There are beans, and little red riding hood sparkling wine, gift from AKK. The new year begins, a new year, and we must unfortunately state way: The 29. March was in truth the 1. April. The British are still in the EU. And the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is fighting in Brussels over the new leaving date. He proposes in the Rest of the 29. March 2030. the