Not only in Görlitz was elected a new mayor who is also nearly 400 miles further North, were called the citizens for a new mayor to vote – and created a first:

The Dane Claus peace Madsen, the election of the mayor has won in Rostock significantly. So he will be the first foreigner who ruled a large German city. In the runoff election on Sunday, the 46-year-old-party of entrepreneurs won with a clear lead against the Left-candidate Steffen Bock valve, such as the Hanseatic city, new York.

Madsen of Rostock, the CDU and the FDP

Madsen supports took 57.1 per cent of the votes. Its competitor, the Rostocker social Senator Bock Hahn, came to 42.9 percent of the vote. 173.000 Rostock were the election called. The turnout was 44.1 per cent.


Rostock free student ticket leads to a

Madsen is from Copenhagen and has lived in Germany since 1992. 20 years ago, he came to Rostock. In the past six years, he was President of the chamber of Commerce and industry in Rostock. Madsen presented itself in the election campaign as a pragmatic and environmentally conscious. His candidacy was supported by the CDU and the FDP, which had put up no candidate of its own.

in the event of his election, Madsen announced that the Board of management of his five furniture stores to his wife to deliver. Rostock has already been ruled in the past 14 years from a non-party mayor. Incumbent Roland Methling was not allowed to compete on the grounds of age, however. His successor had applied initially eight candidates.

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