Romeo is beyond the limits of his aquarium in Bolivia. This is due to the sad fate that had to bear this Sehuencas water frog. For over ten years, he lives in complete solitude – no other Sehuencas water frog far and wide. Not to mention female specimens.

The Problem: The species is threatened with extinction. This was also the reason why researchers Romeo brought ten years ago, to the Aquarium – they hoped to keep the species safe in the end. Unfortunately, they found in the subsequent period no of copies more in the outdoors. And so Romeo had periods of his barren existence in total Isolation.

conservation organization collects money for the Expedition

In the past year, the world finally learned of Romeo’s sad fate. The conservation organization Global Wildlife Conservation, launched a call for donations to Fund an Expedition in the jungle. The aim was to find females to get the type.

And it worked: The scientists brought with them five specimens of the rare frog species from the rain forest, three male and two female. Romeo must therefore look forward, finally, to (s)a Julia.


Julia to the hands of the biologist Teresa Camacho-Badani

©Robin Moore/Global Wildlife Conservation AFP

The exciting question is, will Romeo and Juliet find each other, and the hoped-for offspring? The biologist Teresa Camacho-Badani, who manages the amphibian and reptile Department at natural history Museum of the city of Cochahamba and the expeditions led, is full of hope. Romeo was by his long Single life extremely quiet and not in motion, but in the best of health and with a strong appetite, she told “BBC News”. The chosen, Julia, by contrast, was “very energetic, she swims very much, has a great appetite and tries to escape sometimes.” The biologist relies on the fact that opposites attract.

About 20 percent of all amphibian species in Bolivia is in danger of extinction

threatened Before the reproduction experiment starts, you must survive the new frogs in quarantine. It is important to protect you, especially against fungus infestation, which runs for amphibians is often fatal. To keep wild animals in captivity is always a risk, says Chris Jordan, Global Wildlife Conservation, who also attended the Expedition. But the Experiment had to be dared, because in the wild there is far too little copies, to ensure the continued existence of the species: “We have a real Chance to save the Sehuencas water frog, and to preserve the unique biodiversity of the rain forest. In addition, we gain important insights into how you can rescue a species from extinction,” said Jordan of the “BBC”.

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What is a Monster?

There is an urgent need for: Alone in the Bolivian rain forest, 22 per cent of amphibians, according to the researchers at risk of extinction. The destruction of habitat, pollution and climate change were responsible. It sparks between Romeo and Juliet could survive the Sehuencas water frogs maybe.

source: “BBC News”