In between Europe and Russia, back and forth-torn Ex-Soviet Republic of Moldova to choose the people this Sunday for a new Parliament. Known the totally impoverished country neighbouring Romania is also due to the many migrants working in the EU.

around 3.27 million voters, to determine for the Parliament in the capital Chisinau 101 new members are Called. In the also for its wines well-known country in the Europe is governed that is currently friendly to the democratic party. By contrast, the President Igor Dodon, and supported by him the Opposition of the socialists in Russia are friendly.

Moldovans in the breakaway Region of Transnistria are invited for the election. In the EU, the vote will be followed with interest, because this is a force measure. The Pro-Western politicians, taxes, such as Moldova’s neighbour Ukraine, a course in the direction of the EU in the hope of a better life. Especially corruption in the small country as a large Problem. Russia, however, is for the Republic of Moldova, traditionally a big market for agricultural products such as Apples, plums and grapes.

About a Million people have left the Moldovan media, according to the poverty of the country, in order to earn in the EU and Russia money. There is a new electoral law for the first time in addition to parties with their lists also direct candidates to apply. Approved by 14 parties, as well as a coalition of 46 parties. In a time-organized Referendum vote of the citizens as to whether the Parliament should have instead of the previous 101 seats in the future, only 61.