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Roman Reigns Complete History: His Family, Wife, Daughter, Cousins, Tattoos, And Net Worth

Before telling you the interesting and amazing facts and Family about the Roman Reigns, first, we have to tell you about the Roman reigns and his carrier. The real name of the biggest superstar of WWE Roman Reigns is the Joe Anoa’ I (Leati Joseph Anoa’I), he was born in Pensacola, Florida on May 25th in 1985. Now the age of Roman reigns is 34.

The most interesting thing about this superstar is that he is also a football player. He played for the team named Georgia Tech Yellowjackets in the year of 2007. But in the year 2010, he started wrestling and joined the WWE, after joining the WWE he became famous in wrestling and won the respected titles in just a few years, and one of them is Roman Reigns.

Most of the fans think that he is the best in the wrestling, no one can beat him, but on the other side, some wrestling fans believe that too many wrestlers are better than him, but the thing is that Roman reigns have worked very hard in the wrestling carrier.

Roman Reigns family:

The name of the father of Roman Reigns is Sika Anoa’I, he was also a wrestler and had a successful career in the wrestling field. The name of the older brother of the Roman Reigns was Matthew Tapunu’u Anoa’I, he was a famous wrestler and known as Rosey.

Roman Reigns and his brother both were trained by their great uncle named as Afa Anoa’I, his uncle is the only person who introduced wrestling to both brothers, but the sad part of the Roman Reigns family is his older brother passed away in the year of 2017 because of serious heart failure.

Roman Reign’s Cousins:

If we talk about the Roman Reigns Cousins, then he has too many cousins, and most of his cousins are a wrestler, but Roman Reigns is related to the famous twin brothers named as Jimmy and Jey Uso. Both brothers are a wrestler and won the championship three times, and the other cousins named are Yokozuna, Rikishi, Tonga Kid and Umaga.

If we talk about the Umaga he was with the late brother of Roman Reigns, Rosey and the Umaga and Rosey team was the best team in the wrestling until Umaga, but in the year of 2003 Umaga left the WWE.

Roman Reigns’ Wife:

Galina Joelle Becker is the Roman Reigns wife, and she was an athlete at the time of college like the Roman Reigns. When Roman Reigns was a student at the Georgia Tech University, he met with the Galina, and at that time Roman Reign was a good football player and played football for the local team of the University.

Because of sports passion, both were started a friendship, and later they know that they loved each other. The best day of the Roman Reigns was February 26th, 2012 because at that day Roman Reigns engagement took place with the Galina and in the year of 2014 they got married, Disney’s Castaway Cay was the wedding ceremony place, and the wedding song was “A Whole New World.”

If we talk about his wife Galina Joelle Becker, she is an American girl from the San Francisco, Galina grew up with her two old sisters and her parents. At the time of school, she became a jumper and best hurdler and made too many impressive athletic records.

Roman Reigns Daughter:

The name of the daughter of Roman Reign is Joella Anoa’ I but both father and mother call her JoJo. She was born in the year of 2008, December 14th, at the time of the Roman Reign wedding she was involved. But now the latest news is Roman Reigns again become a father, and at this time he has two little twin boys, Roman Reigns wants to keep it secret, but now after some leaks, Roman Reigns confirmed that he is also a father of twin boys. Both twin boys were born in the year of 2018. The main thing is that Roman Reigns also a good husband and father with the wrestler.

Tattoos Of Roman Reigns:

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Tattoo
WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Tattoo

Roman Reigns covered his right chest, and right arm with the Polynesian style tattoo and this tattoo has the broad meaning and symbolism. The most important thing about his tattoo is that this tattoo has the turtle image and Roman Ranges dedicated this image to his daughter and he got this tattoo from the famous tattoo artist Michael Fatutoa aka Samoan Mike.

Net Worth Of The Roman Reigns:

The earning of the Roman Reigns is $455,500 per year according to the Forbes, and the salary of the Roman Reigns is $524,000, this salary is according to his new contract. If we talk about his bonus, then the reward of Roman Reigns is $151,833, and the market value of the Roman Reigns is $3,000,000. If we talk about his salary in the previous year than in 2015, the pay is $314,138, and in the year of 2014, the salary is $227,750.

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