North Korea’s rulers has sedans, a penchant for Western luxury. Large diamonds of the brand Mercedes, or Rolls-Royce shot: If Kim Jong-Un arrives in such a car in Pyongyang or elsewhere, or, as now, in Hanoi itself abroad through the area is driven, the images are mostly of astonishment. Because these cars are luxury goods on the embargo list of the United Nations. After that, you may as a result of the North Korean nuclear and missile tests are not exported in the country.

Kim Jong-Un is familiar to European cars

After about 4000 km long journey in his armored special train Kim rose on Tuesday in the Vietnamese town of Dong Dang on the border to China as a matter of course in a Mercedes S600 Pullman Guard and drove on to Hanoi. There, he met the again, US President, Donald Trump. His Pullman, he brought to Reports in the Vietnamese media from Pyongyang.


One of Kim Jong-Us cars: Mercedes S600 Pullman Guard


last fall, Kim was driving, before a Meeting with U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in Pyongyang with a black Rolls-Royce. Already, commentators wondered whether he was switched to a different brand.


At the Meeting with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Kim Jong-Un on luxury from England: in the Background of a Rolls-Royce

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To meet its summit, Korean President, Moon Jae with South Korea In last April in the border town of Panmunjom, he had come with a Mercedes.


Also in April, during a visit to the border village of Panmunjom familiar dictator Kim the “good star on all streets”

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It is believed that North Korea circumvent sanctions, in which it decided to reject, time and time again, new limousines and other luxury goods into the country. The South Korean newspaper “Chosun Ilbo” reported in October, citing data from the Chinese customs, Kim had spent since his coming to power at the end of 2011, at least four billion dollars (3.5 billion euros) for luxury cars, watches and jewels. Particularly luxury cars and watches are sought after as gifts for “loyal Apparatchiks”.

the extent to which the fleet of the Royal family, with the Western luxury vehicles is equipped, is unknown. Daimler points out, the company did not provide a limousine to North Korea. “Daimler has for over 15 years, any business relations with North Korea and strictly complies with the US – and EU-regulations”, it said on Tuesday upon request. In order to prevent deliveries to the country or its embassies worldwide, have introduced the company is a comprehensive export-control process.

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