A longtime Confidant of US President Donald Trump, the political consultant Roger Stone, is accused at the instigation of special investigator Robert Mueller and arrested. The 66-Year-old obstruction of investigations by Congress, false statements and Witness tampering, accused of, such as Mueller’s office announced on Friday. Stone was arrested by Federal police officers to the FBI at his home in Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida.

Mueller is investigating the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election in 2016, and possible collusion between Trumps campaign team and Moscow. The former FBI chief has already obtained multiple indictments against former Trump employee. In December, trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, was sentenced to three years in prison for, among other things, convicted of perjury in statements to Congress.

Roger Stone is said to have hampered, according to the indictment, the election campaign investigations

Stone had stood during the presidential election campaign in connection to the Trump Team. In August 2016, he led according to the indictment, “public and private”, to have contacts with Wikileaks. In October 2016, the unveiling platform published internal E-Mails from the party headquarters, the Democrats and the election campaign teams of Trumps rival Hillary Trump, which should have been hijacked by suspected Russian hackers.

dispute over the wall to Mexico

Trump is to prepare a National state of emergency – currently, about 31-fold in the USA

Later, the Stone will have to be disabled according to the prosecution, the investigations in Congress, the alleged Russian cyber-interventions in the election campaign and the role of Wikileaks.

early Friday morning, heavily armed police officers surrounded Lauderdale Stones house in the Fort and arrests the Trump-Familiar, to see how the TV channel CNN. Stone should appear on Friday (17.00 CET), in Florida a court, as a spokesman for Mueller’s told. The Stones ‘ lawyer was not initially be reached for comment.

The party strategist does not want to against Donald Trump’s statements: “I would have to invent things,”

The Republican party strategist, made for Ex-President Richard Nixon election campaign, friends for many years with Trump. He joined shortly after the presidential candidacy of real estate billionaire as a consultant to trump’s campaign Team, but left after a few months, after a dispute.

Russia investigations

U.S. special investigator Mueller rejects incriminating report about Trump


Trump and Stone remained in close contact. According to Mueller’s indictment of Stone exchanged until the election in 2016 more “regular” with trump’s campaign team, and supported Trump also open to the public. In the summer of 2016, he said, therefore, with high-level representatives of the Trump-election campaign team about Wikileaks and potentially damaging information about the Clinton campaign. Stone had denied in December, during the election campaign, with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is communicating with.

Stone had criticized Mueller’s investigations, referred to Trump as a “witch-hunt”, in the past also. In may, he said in the NBC, the investigation Trumps should be supporters and advocates, “Silenced and punished”. It is not excluded that Mueller creates, eventually, an “extraneous Offense” against him”,” said Stone at the time. “I would take this as an attempt to Silence me.”

Stone had also announced, not against Trump statements. He would “under no circumstances” against the President’s statements, “because I would have to make false statements against him,” he said in December in the ABC. “I had to invent things, and I’m not going to do.”

Antoine Boyer / fs / AFP

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