Terri Collins, a member of the house of representatives of Alabama, makes no secret of the thing. “This law is really about ‘Roe vs. Wade'” she says. The Republican has introduced strict new abortion law, which was passed two weeks ago by the house of representatives, and on Tuesday (local time) by the Senate, in the Congress of the southern Federal state. It is the last in a series of highly restrictive laws on abortion, the applicable laws in the United States speak to all of them. The intention: The subject should again be on the agenda of the Supreme Court. There was on 22. In January 1973, the precedent, “Roe vs. Wade” decided by 7 votes to 2. In the US case-law on abortion is based until today.

The case is received in the American legal tradition, the common name in the story. Applicant, the 22-year-old, in Texas living Norma McCorvey, called for the preservation of their anonymity in the records of the Jane Roe was an allusion to the English placeholder name John Doe. Opponent was for the state of Texas, the former district attorney of Dallas, Henry Wade.

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By Marc Drewello abortion in Texas in the early 1970s voted banned

The case took its course, as the largely destitute McCorvey, who had already freed two children for Adoption, in 1969, a third Time pregnant. Friends advised her to assert that she had been raped, because only under these circumstances, a legal abortion in Texas was possible. Otherwise afford to pay for pregnancy in the Federal state prohibited by law. As Norma McCorvey has not provided any evidence for a rape, failed your project. Finally, she admitted to the sexual abuse due to their emergency situation faked. The attempt to illegally have an abortion, failed because a clinic that performed abortions, had been closed by the authorities.

Finally, Norma has been to the two right Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington lawyers. The two lawyers looked at the time and the women were ready, with the right to abortion in the United States to carry out genuine. Actually, it is said, they don’t want the client whose motive was economic Hardship, but in the absence of Alternatives, they opted for Norma McCorvey, alias Jane Roe. This acted in 1970 as a plaintiff. It took three years before the case landed after a number of hearings before the Supreme Court.

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abortion as “part of the privacy”

The highest U.S. court, under the leadership of chief justice Warren E. Burger disagreed with the view of Coffee and Weddington that women have an absolute right to distention at any time and in any manner. However, the court tried a woman’s right to privacy and the guarantees of the 14th century. Constitutional amendment (“… no state is allowed to have any life of someone without due process of law in accordance with the law, liberty, or property …) to bring it in line with the state interest in the regulation of abortions, to prevent abuse.

According to the opinion of the majority liberal Supreme Courts, injured most of the time laws in the States and in the Federal to abortion, the right to privacy of the woman as well as the guarantee of legal security, in accordance with the 14. Constitution amendment. Consequently, the court ruled that a Pregnant woman may terminate her pregnancy up to the time a fetus is viable is, at the time, from the 28., today, at 24. Week of pregnancy. The state may prohibit beyond this point in time abortions, but with the restriction that subsequent crashes, if you are to preserve the health or life of the woman must be allowed. Regulate the state allowed the procedure to end a pregnancy after the third month, but only to the extent that this is necessary for the preservation of the health of the pregnant woman is necessary.

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Nina Poelchau “Roe vs. Wade” – to this day highly controversial

“Roe vs. Wade” is, even today, 46 years later, one of the US company’s most controversial decisions of the Supreme Court. Since 1974, the March for Life is held every year on the anniversary of the decision in Protest in the capital city of Washington – with hundreds of thousands of participants. Also in other US cities, there are similar marches, including the more liberal Chicago and San Francisco. Again and again, the judge’s decision will be legally addressed, especially in 1992, in the case of “Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania vs. Casey”. At the time of the Court, however, confirmed its decision in principle. However, the judge rules in the state that posed no undue burden on the woman declared as lawful. A mandatory counseling of Pregnant women, as well as sufficient time for consideration prior to the demolition of at least 24 hours.

tilt The decision in 1973, completely, is one of the main demands of the Pro-life movement in the United States, which is supported by conservative and fundamentalist Christian politicians, activists, and organizations. In the recent wave of abortion laws in some States, observers see a concerted attempt to bring the abortion issue before the Supreme Court. Civil actions of Women’s rights and civil rights organizations that could ultimately result in. Since the inauguration of the conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh – a candidate for US President, Donald Trump is the court of justice of the majority of conservative. The odds that the current Supreme Court “Roe vs. Wade” could actually tilt, are considered to be large.


Norma McCorvey (li.), referred to as the “Jane Roe” in the US justice history, 1989, with their lawyer Gloria Allred in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington.

©J. Scott Applewhite Picture Alliance “Jane Roe” never had an abortion

Norma McCorvey participated in by the way at no single hearing “of their Case”. Their third child brought to the world and it was free as her two other children up for Adoption. 30 years after the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court, she tried, unsuccessfully, to the Richto tilt terspruch. According to their attention to Christianity McCorvey, in 1998 said publicly that it is opposed to abortions. She wrote with a Co-authors of two books, “your case”. Also, Roe vs. Wade was made into a movie “” in 1989, without your involvement (German title: “A woman complains”). 18. February 2017 died, Norma McCorvey, alias Jane Roe, at the age of 69 of a heart attack.

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