The first six OneWeb satellites for world-wide Internet are launched on Board a Soyuz rocket into space. The rocket lifted off late Wednesday evening from the spaceport at Kourou in French Guiana, as the operator Arianespace announced.

The US company OneWeb wants to supply in a few years the entire world with low-cost, high-speed Internet, for this purpose, a total of hundreds of satellites in space.

“With the use of the OneWeb constellation Arianespace is also true to its Mission: “The space for a better life on the earth”,” said Arianespace Chairman and CEO Stéphane Israël, according to the memo. The success of the first rocket launches, the launch of 20 additional Soyuz launches with OneWeb satellites.

It is a joint project between the aerospace and defence group Airbus and the US telecommunications company, OneWeb, is behind the Internet pioneer Greg Wyler. Airbus for the development of the satellites. A total of 900 satellites to be launched for the project in the space.

The ambitious goal of OneWeb is to provide in all Parts of the earth, affordable, and quick network is available – and so as to provide, for example, schools in remote locations with the Internet. The special feature of the project is, among other things, that the satellite to be launched on a low earth orbit of 1200 km. Moreover, they are manufactured in mass production – more satellites to be built daily. You should ensure that the reception fails intermittently.

OneWeb is not the only company that such a project works. The US company Iridium has already a world-spanning satellite communication system and also offers worldwide Internet. Iridium Certus is mainly used in sea and air travel. The company does not sell directly to the end user, but works with various partner companies, the Service can be ordered.

Other projects such as Telesat-Leo, of the canadian group Telesat or Starlink from the American space company SpaceX Tesla founder Elon Musk, are currently in the works. Some companies have given up already, such as Facebook with its Internet drone “Aquila”.

Arianespace belongs to the Ariane group, which in turn is a joint venture of aerospace group Airbus and French engine manufacturer Safran.