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the Rare Sumatran presented Tiger in Sydney (6.48 PM), gold salt-robbery: police arrest densely suspects (3.36 PM), Sydney airport because of smoke in the Tower (3.03 PM)new Zealand pays tribute to Christchurch victims (1.03 PM)European elections: Facebook restricts electoral advertising (0.05 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 8.41 PM: Three out of four Germans want to participate in European elections +++

About three-quarters of Germans want to participate in the European elections. In a survey conducted by the opinion research company Kantar Emnid for the “Focus” reported 73 percent of the participants in the vote on the 26. To want to may join in. 20 percent of the announced, not to participate. That, in fact, nearly three out of four Germans go to choice, however, is unlikely. In the 2014 European elections, only 48.1 percent of the election were legitimate in this country voted in the three previous rounds of voting, the turnout was even lower.

+++ 8.33 PM: Bus students injured: a Minimum of a severely injured +++

A Bus with school children and a car collided in Garbsen near Hannover. In the case of the accident at least one person was seriously injured. “We assume there will be further seriously injured and slightly injured,” said a police spokeswoman in the Morning. The accident happened shortly before the start of School. The cause of the collision is still unknown. To the Rescue a number of helpers were in use.

+++ 8.07 PM: US-Supreme-Court death of a candidate for deferral on religious grounds +++

granted, The US Supreme court has granted a death row inmate for religious reasons in a last-Minute postponement of his execution. The same day, the scheduled execution of Patrick Murphy had to be postponed, so that a Buddhist monk could be, decided by the Supreme Court. Because of the religious equality is not to take it that in Texas, although Christian and Muslim spiritual executions could accompany you, but no members of other faith community. Murphy was converted according to his lawyers, before the ten years in prison to Buddhism. The 57-Year-old was convinced that his “spiritual Advisor” at the execution had to be present for him, which again enables the birth.

Murphy is one of the last surviving members of the infamous “Texas Seven broke out of the” seven dangerous criminals in December 2000, from a high-security prison in Texas. On your escape of the “Texas Seven committed robberies,” a lot of robbery. On Christmas eve, they raided a Shop in Dallas where they were by a police officer. They killed him with eleven shots. Six weeks after its onset, they were finally caught. One of the escapees committed during the arrest of suicide. The rest were sentenced for the murder of the police officer to death. Four of the men have already been executed.

+++ 7.21 PM: tourists want to embark with 360 kilos of cocaine on Board a cruise ship +++

The Brazilian police have detained 16 Suspects, the with 360 kilos of cocaine for a cruise to Europe. Each of the tourists from France, Belgium, and Brazil had between 16 and 19 kilos of cocaine in a suitcase, as the police reported. Obviously, they would have acted in a coordinated manner.

The Suspects wanted in the port of Santos near São Paulo, a cruise ship, this should go on a trip to Europe with stops in several other Brazilian ports. According to the newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo” is eight women and eight men under the age of 30 years. The port of Santos is the largest in Latin America. Regularly, the authorities make the findings more Drugs. In the past year, there a total of 23 tons of cocaine were seized.

+++ 6.48 PM: a Young Sumatran Tiger in the Zoo of Sydney presented +++

Three rare young Sumatran Tiger was presented in Sydney for the first time to the Public. The two girls Mawar and Tengah Malam and her brother were allowed to Pemanah for the first time, into the outdoor enclosure in Taronga Zoo in the Australian metropolis. Her mother Kartika will now have a very much harder to keep the young animals in the bridle, said veterinary nurse Louise Gilman about the new opportunities for development of the siblings. Sumatran tigers are threatened with extinction. Only 350 of them live in the wild in forested areas on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Their habitat is destroyed by deforestation for palm oil plantations, and poaching. The birth of the three Tiger on 17. January was “a wonderful success for the preservation of this endangered species,” said Ginman.

+++ 6.07 PM: Filipino journalist Ressa. + + +

Filipino journalist Maria Ressa has been taken six weeks after its release. “I’m treated like a Criminal, even though my only crime is to be an independent journalist,” said Ressa reporters before her arrest at the airport in Manila, where she was previously after a trip abroad landed. The Head of the news website “Rappler” Duterte, a critic of President Rodrigo. Ressa was taken into custody because they should have given their name to circumvent a Philippine law, foreigners are forbidden to own media companies. The charge relates to an investment from the year 2015.

in February, the 55-year-old journalist had spent a night in custody before she was released on bail. The authorities accused them of fraud “Rappler”, and Ressa tax and slander. Twelve years of prison threaten the journalist. Critics say the accusations are politically motivated. The government rejects this.

+++ 4.53 PM: Trump and Moon plan to Meet North Korea in April +++

US President Donald Trump, is set at 10. April his South Korean colleagues, Moon Jae-In talks in Washington. At the Meeting the two head of state would speak “in depth” about the “establishment of a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula through the complete denuclearization,” said the government in Seoul. For the visit two days are scheduled.

it is Unclear what he means

Trump tweets to North Korea-sanctions and confused so that even employees in the White house


North and South Korea had approaches in the past year; President of the Moon also had a great influence in the dialogue process between its ally United States and the nuclear-armed and with heavy sanctions, North Korea is occupied in. At the summit, US President, Donald Trump, and North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un in February in Vietnam, but was again no agreement on steps toward nuclear Abrüstung of North Korea has been made.

+++ 3.36 PM: police arrest suspects after robbery of gold salt +++

investigators of the land criminal police office in Saxony-Anhalt have ensured twelve kilograms of gold salt on a Parking lot at Rounders and two suspects arrested. A 32-year-old man from hall I want to pass the gold salt to a supposed buyer, informed the police and the Prosecutor’s office of Halle (Saale). With him a 26-Year old from Halle. The gold salt had been stolen at the beginning of February at the company CRI Catalyst Leuna. The company uses the powder for the manufacture of catalysts for chemical production. According to the authorities would have been able to be obtained from the twelve kilograms of gold salt around six kilograms of Gold, worth approximately 225,000 euros.

According to previous investigations, the 32 was employed Years at the time at CRI Catalyst, it said. To run the more detailed circumstances of the theft investigations.

+++ 3.03 PM: Sydney airport because of smoke in the Tower closed +++

Because of smoke in the flight control of the international airport of Australia’s largest city Sydney, has been closed. All take-offs and landings were halted because of the Emergency in the Tower until Further notice, officials said. All the employees had to leave the Tower building. The backgrounds were initially unclear. The airline Virgin Australia confirmed on Twitter that there is no fly in and out of your machines Sydney or the airport could leave.

+++ 3.01 PM: trade Union UFO threatened Lufthansa with a strike in the summer holidays +++

The Union Independent flight attendants organization (UFO) has threatened Lufthansa for the summer with strikes. The “total Denial of the Lufthansa” to 30 should. June is not “significantly” improved, over all on a “massive strike of the cabin crew,” said UFO chief Nicoley Baublies the news magazine “Focus”. Therefore, it could be even before that Strikes.

Lufthansa denied currently bargaining with the UFO, because the company doubts the legitimacy of the Board. The airline holds an early strike, however unlikely, because in case of disagreement, a conciliation was provided.

+++ 1.59 PM: death penalty for Gays in Brunei: Clooney calls for Hotel Boycott +++

Hollywood star George Clooney has called on because of the imposition of the death penalty for homosexuals in Brunei for a Boycott of luxury hotels owned by the ruling Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah. In a guest column for the film portal “” listed the Oscar-winner nine luxury hostels in England, France, Italy, and California, owned by the Brunei Investment Agency – including the posh Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. With each visit to this hotel, you would help to Finance the murder of innocent people, warned Clooney. The 57-Year-old pointed to the upcoming tightening of the Sharia criminal law in the Sultanate. If you have homosexual Sex with each other, threatening them by 3. In April, she will be stoned to death like in the middle ages to death. So far sexual relations for up to ten years ‘ imprisonment on homosexuals.

the middle ages

the stoning of Homosexuals, Hand and leg cut off: Brunei leads to cruel punishments


The Sultan is one of the richest men in the world, writes Clooney. Murderous Regime, it could hardly change, but you could make banks, and companies that do business with you, to the pillory. Clooney admitted at the same time, that he himself may have unknowingly made without his “homework” – in some of these luxury hotels is staying.

+++ 1.03 PM: new Zealand honors victims of the Christchurch-attack +++

Two weeks after the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, new Zealand has a national commemoration of the 50 victims appreciated. Thousands of people took part in the ceremony in a Park in Christchurch, among them the head of government Jacinda Ardern, your Australian colleague Scott Morrison, and representatives of 58 other countries. “Racism exists, but he is not welcome here,” said Ardern in her speech. The same applies to violence, extremism, and attacks on the freedom of religion. The singer Yusuf Islam performed his Song “Peace Train” (Friedenszug). Under the name Cat Stevens, well-known Star converted in the seventies to Islam and took the name Yusuf Islam.

An Australian right-wing extremists had on the 15. March, two mosques in Christchurch was attacked and 50 people were shot. The massacre caused international horror. 22 injured to be treated in hospitals.