The coast of Venezuela is only a stone’s throw away. No twenty kilometers separate the Caribbean island of Trinidad, from the shores of the socialist Republic, the totter in a collapse. Earlier, the cities of Trinidad, the main island of the state of Trinidad and Tobago, the tourist boats on the coast and invited Party people. But these times have changed thoroughly.

Since 2016, the Gulf of Paria, is the inland sea between Trinidad and Venezuela – have been the domain of pirates. Victims and those who suffer are the fishers on the Caribbean island. “Late in the evening I wanted to catch up with my networks again, as a boat with high speed approached me,” says Fischer, Brian Austin of the British newspaper “The Telegraph”. “On a distance of 200 metres, the crew took me under fire. Luckily, I was able to escape them thanks to my high-performance engine.” However, the networks and the whole of the catch fell into the hands of the pirates.

fishermen are Not equip with 200 HP motors

for all the fishermen to a meeting with the pirates so lightly, as for the man from the coastal village of Cedros. His colleague Candy Edwards from Icacos was fishing with two friends on the lake when their boat out of nowhere from the heavily armed men was captured. “They jumped on the boat and gagged us. Then they raced with us in the direction of Venezuela,” said Edwards of the BBC. They had been locked in a wooden hut, to the village of Icacos ransom extort. The eventually paid the required $ 35,000. The men were released after seven days in captivity.

“soldiers to Colombia”

Subtle warning to Venezuela? Trumps consultant, Bolton handled clumsily, with the explosive note


stories like this there are many in Trinidad. It almost seems as if back would come a time that had prepared the British Navy 300 years ago. At that time, the Caribbean hunting ground of famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack. They brought in Spanish Galleons and cargo ships. The pirates of today have become specialized in their Raids on fishing. And the search for Ways and means of the attacks to Dodge. They equip their boats with 200-HP engines, in order to escape the attack commands, and just riding out at night without the headlights turn on, Fischer explains Gerry Padarath of the BBC.

Venezuela is reeling in the crisis of the state

Especially the section of coast near the town of Cedros was designed for a pirate to be a true Paradise, complain the residents. The pirates are Ex-colleagues of the fishermen. They were on the payroll of the large fishing fleets of Venezuela, the abgrasten the waters of the Caribbean after tuna and shrimp. However, the then-President Hugo Chávez decided to nationalize the farms. The company moved or went to the rampant Hyperinflation ends. The unemployed fishermen saddled in their time of Need. To feed their families, the companies they now RAID.



Maduro needs to go – what do Europe and the United States

By Jan Christoph Wiechmann

you have effectively become self-contained, in a state that can no longer feed its citizens. Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, had always relied on his raw material. However, the Oil prices fall and the state slides into a crisis. Generous government benefit such as the social housing is no longer affordable. The consumer goods may not be imported. The gold reserve has sold Chaves-successor Nicolas Maduro. Food and toilet paper are available only on the black markets for sale.

Second revenue source is the smuggling of weapons

there is, However, in Venezuela, two things in Abundance: drugs and weapons. The smuggling of these goods is the second leg of the pirates operating with impunity of nests, such as the city of güiria. However, cocaine and Kalashnikovs, they don’t sell in Trinidad, but swap the boat charges against diapers, rice or cooking oil.

Total dependence on raw-material

donate to Donald Trump: As the Oil Venezuela ruined


The Caribbean island is cursed twice. Not only do the fishermen have to expect to be victims of kidnappers, including the gang wars on the island have become according to research by the British magazine “Spectator” bloody. Alone in 2018 had suffered 500 Dead with a population of 1.3 million. Cocaine is enough, however, to Europe. To him especially generals of the national guard and of military intelligence to earn in Venezuela.