Due to an unknown impurity should be used on Thursday in the entire city of Heidelberg, as well as in the neighbouring Dossenheim no drinking water from the tap.

“This means that, at present, no showers or hand washing is possible. The drinking water can only be used for toilet flushing use,” said the city of Heidelberg on your website.

Several citizens had reported in the Morning, a blue coloration of the water. With what has been contaminated for a substance in the water, should as soon as possible, analyzed. According to the current state all clear could be given, said in the afternoon, Markus Morlock of the Stadtwerke Heidelberg. There are no health was expected to be a risk.

The town established an information telephone for residents. The fire brigade drove through the affected areas and warned residents through loudspeakers. According to the head of the health office, Rainer Schwertz, is the source of the contamination is a fountain of the water plant Entensee in the Heidelberg district of Handschuhsheim. With a sample of the suspicion that the blue coloration comes from here can be proven, it was called the city works. Where the color comes from, but it is still unclear.

According to a report of the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung” (RNZ), it was recommended to buy for the time being, bottled water. However, the water tended to be stocks in some stores. As the town of Dossenheim announced on its website, should be set up in the evening, several taps in order to supply the population with drinking water.

Several Restaurants and Cafés have set up according to health Department temporarily suspend the operation. Also, the Heidelberg baths were closed as a precaution. The drinking water supply in Mannheim, Germany not to be affected according to the current state, informed the energy supplier MVV.