thousands of strictly religious Jews have protested at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, against the prayers of Jewish women, a liberal flow. It came to Attacks, according to the women of Neschot Hakotel (women of the wall) is also violent.

Two women were injured, it said in a statement on Friday. The police spoke only of the “tensions” and “curses”. Later it was said that a part of the women’s group have tried in the centre of the square, apparently deliberately, to provoke clashes. Because the place was so full, there had been occasional confrontations. The security forces had separated the groups. The “women of the wall” would then continue on the southern part of the Western wall prayers. The location is the holiest site for Jews around the world.

The left-liberal newspaper “Haaretz” reported of hundreds of strictly religious Jews who had tried to attack police barricades to break through, and then supporters of the women’s group, spat on and had threatened.

The group “women of the wall” has been fighting for decades to at the Western wall men praying, and singing loudly, with prayer shawl and own Torah rollers. The group, which also has strictly religious members, committed suicide on Friday – international women’s day – the 30. Anniversary of their monthly prayer service at the wailing wall.

wrote, such As “Haaretz”, were already in the Morning, thousands of strictly religious students after being prompted by their rabbis to the wailing wall, came to occupy the space and hinder the prayers of the “women of the wall”.

After years of dispute, Israel had started at the beginning of 2018 with the construction of a common prayer area for women and men at the wailing wall. At the beginning of 2016, the government had decided that in addition to the separate areas of a common prayer area, should be provided. All should have equal prayer rights. However, due to the pressure of ultra-Orthodox coalition partner, the agreement was for a longer time on ice.