Stonehenge is everyone: knows mystical stones, huge and fascinating. The English interest also people, who have nothing to do with archaeology in the hat says. But Pömmelte – have you heard that before? Probably not. Because Pömmelte is a 600-souls-place in the idyllic region of Magdeburg, away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the world. However, the harmlessness of the landscape is deceptive: the seemingly endless grain fields of the area, exciting secrets are hidden.

The Area was random

in 2005, discovered have been discovered by aerial photography, the Remains of a massive circular tomb in the ground. The archeologists dated to the third Millennium before Christ. With its 80 meters in diameter, this ancient ring the sanctuary was quick to the nickname “little Stonehenge”. Seriously that was not meant at first – but now a group of archaeologists and students from the University of Southampton is, in fact, arrived. The researchers Joshua Pollard have previously intensively with the sites of Stonehenge and Avebury in England, and see substantial Similarities between the UK assets and the annular sanctuary of Pömmelte.


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By Wiebke Tomescheit

The British archaeologists, the site is outside of the ring walls to investigate, together with colleagues from the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg is currently. There they met already on the houses of the bell beaker culture (2500-2050 before Christ), of which there are in the Region of otherwise hardly any traces of settlement and graves from the time of the cord ceramist (2800-2050 before Christ). Probably it was these people that came in prior to the construction of the large ring sanctuary in Pömmelte first, a rectangular-shaped “precursor-sanctuary”. Exciting: Also in the English Avebury traces of such a plant, which is older than the stone circle could be demonstrated.

Did the builders in England and Germany from each other?

Both in the South of England as well as in the Magdeburger Börde people of the cord-ceramic built so culture first sanctuaries. In both places the people of the bell beaker culture from the humble precursor later built an imposing ring systems sites in Germany, made of wood, in the Stonehenge and Avebury stones. In addition, the people of the bell beaker Era, about whose origin little is known, contributed, first knowledge of metal processing in various parts of Europe.


The excavation site outside of the ring, sanctuary,

©state office for heritage management and archaeology Saxony-Anhalt / Matthias Zirm

to be continued excavations until September to continue, due to the many finds and of the site but in the next summer continued. The ring of sanctuary from the Pömmelte consisted of several wooden Palisades, ditches and walls. It was aligned so that two of the narrow entrances to special days of the year were to the sunrise and sunset. In addition, ritual offerings were made, and – what is unique – in specially dug pits. In these shafts of weapons such as stone axes, animal and human found bones. Two human skulls were discovered.

The ring of sanctuary was for centuries

is that the sanctuary was used by various cultures: from the cord ceramists from 2800 before Christ, the people of the bell beaker culture from 2500 BC up to the early bronze age, around 2000 BC, in the so-called Aunjetitzer culture (the famous “Nebra sky disk”, created) kept here for rituals. Around the site are found from different periods, traces of settlements and life – houses, and tombs. More than three thousand years Pömmelte was not the rural Idyll it is today – but for the conditions of the pulsating metropolis, which was, perhaps, to great Britain.

source: “archaeology Online”

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