What if the AfD could send him to the political Front? Handsome, charming, 36 years old, historian, and legal philosopher who has shaped with rhetorical Finesse of a public debate? Perfect, the audience in the spell: The meteoric rise of Thierry Baudet among the politicians in the Netherlands, something Guttenberg-like appearance. Only Baudet right-wing populist, right-declared enemy of the elite nationalist.

He imagines himself on an historic Mission. “We are the new avant-garde,” he says. Unlike the revolt of the Youtuber, his struggle for a Renaissance, a Return to the Nation, sovereignty, identity. It is a struggle against the elites in politics, the media, universities, the heirs of the ‘ 68 generation with their “Oikophobie”, as Baudet called – the fear of one’s own culture. He fought your “party cartel”, their supra-national System in Brussels.

well-Established right-wing populism

He’s upset. He provokes. He makes, in the autumn of 2016 from an anti-EU think-tank the party “Forum for democracy”. He says: “I am the most important intellectuals in the Netherlands.” And pulls against feminism to the field, called climate change a “mysticism”. The EU, he is demonized with academic arrogance: “I have been thinking about the EU. We need to get out, a Nexit, everything else is nonsense.”


Jared Taylor from the USA, is the founder of the racist online magazine “American Renaissance”. Baudet met him in the Netherlands.

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He headlines want. His inaugural speech in Parliament in 2017, he begins in Latin, in a defence debate in Tarnweste at the lectern, a wing to the office heave. Directed Policy.

And yet more. In less than three years, Baudet has managed to recruit the 36,000 members of the party. More than the AfD in the much larger Germany. Training courses, summer camps, use of Social Media – the youth organization of the “forum” has 5000 members. “We have been called to the Front,” he says, as his party is in the provincial elections in March 2019 the strongest political force.

After the European elections the right-wing populism is well established on the continent across the Board – Matteo Salvini in Italy, profits for the populists in Hungary, Poland, France, the United Kingdom. Baudets “Forum for democracy” came to eleven percent of the vote, less than predicted. However: from zero to eleven percent. Three of his followers move into the EU-Parliament.

early afternoon in the Amsterdam canal district. Baudet has agreed to an Interview. It’s supposed to go in the future. The party office is located on a canal. Herringbone parquet floors, high Ceilings, cartons with mineral water. At the big table in the ground floor there is a hand working a full consultant. Thierry Baudet will appear in a blue sweater, beige pants. “Welcome to our Start-up!”

He’s the same. Elections, he do not see as a decisive Moment in its history. Unmistakably a Trend, the search for a voice in Europe: “A movement is emerging.” And: “We can play a role in the Euro-sceptical parties, the content and meaning. A bridge of putty.” Salvini he calls “a hero of Europe,” Marine Le Pen, he and Victor Orbán admired. But as the self-interest and interests, you can bundle? “Maybe this is my fate,” says Thierry Baudet. “My Job is to be an ideologue.”

home, garden and history

His ideology: “It is a new approach to our companies.” More and more liberalism and individual liberation are no longer in a world in transition with all new crises. With repressed middle classes, “mass immigration,” free trade and social dumping. “Social cohesion is almost completely missing, and almost everywhere in the Western world.” What was in the sixties and seventies “is a fun and liberation movement, with the free Sex and the Beatles, that’s fine – today is rusty, fixed ideology. Baudet leans over: “We are the new avant-garde.”


Jean-Marie Le Pen is the father of the extreme-right National Front. Baudet interviewed him in Paris for his doctoral work.


For him is to raise the sense of Patriotism, also for economic solidarity. The free-trade limit “mass immigration”, the claims of the Individual. “We are all migrants. We do not want to live in anonymous apartment blocks. We want a home and a small garden and secure connections to our history.” All of this was part of this ideology. Also Donald Trump is an Exponent. “And I am convinced that it will be the dominant ideology for the 21st century. Century. Would you like a coffee?”

“These people see, in fact, as a pioneer of a new era, not just another party,” says Markus Wilp, a political scientist at the centre for Netherlands studies at the University of Münster. Mr André Krause adds that the contents were not new, a shift to the right in the Netherlands to be ascertained, “with Thierry Baudet known the messages received, however, a new packaging”. Geert Wilders, the old torch-bearer of Islamophobia is vulgar many of the Educated.

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Baudet relies on a broader electoral base, and well-trained employees. As the Czech Republic’s former Prime Minister, Václav Klaus, the other day at the invitation of Baudets “Renaissance Institute” held a speech, were among the 500 guests in the concert hall of Amsterdam bankers, financial experts, Doctors, lawyers, risk consultants, IT professionals.

“most of us lead successful lives,” says Thierry Baudet. “You speak several languages. You consequences look. This is not a movement of the losers that do not go with the pace of modern life, on the contrary.” Listeners donated a lot of applause, as Václav Klaus on Multiculturalism, gender talk, and climate scoffed nonsense.

Alt-Right movement

What Baudet says to the scandal in Austria, the blew up the government? FPÖ-man Karl-Heinz Strache revealed to be tactics in a secretly recorded Video of dubious Donations. The Video he don’t even know, he says. Messages he pursued much in the last 13 years, he had no TV. Who his donors are? “We have made a small Parteietat and a grass-roots campaign.” A couple of larger donations have to give it, € 20,000, € 30,000, a Dutch entrepreneur, with a company in Singapore and one in Cyprus. He met you with a Cup of coffee, but never made promises.

Baudet responds to critical questions very quietly. Why, for example, he distances himself not clear of the extreme Right? Why he shares a Video of a “120 decibel”, an offshoot of the extreme right-wing “Identity” from Germany? “Phew, goose bumps” he tweeted, and promised a andEUA immigration policy. In the Clip, women migrants before throwing a flat rate of rape and murder.

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Baudet says he doesn’t know what these Identitarian movement really is. But, at the invitation of Erkenbrand, a group of the Identity in the Netherlands, had arrived in the autumn of 2017, the American racist Jared Taylor. And Baudet sat for five hours with this Taylor. Considered advocates of white superiority thinking and Einflüsterer the American Alt-Right movement. “Of course I speak with a leader of a movement that can bring a man to the White house,” says Thierry Baudet. “And I want to know what is going on in America before.”

He had also met with Alexander Dugin, “according to the media, Ghostwriter of Vladimir Putin”. The Russian is regarded as a neo-fascist ideas of the New Right in Russia. In April 2018, he was in the Netherlands.

“of Course, I asked him if he drink with me a Cup of coffee,” says Baudet, “and he said Yes.”

border on fascism

All intellectual interest? Or it fits into a pattern that shows Baudets sympathy for right-wing thinkers at the border of the fascism, as a Dutch Journalist wrote? “I don’t take it seriously,” says Baudet. “It was also, I had visited Jean-Marie Le Pen, because I admire him. Ridiculous.” Le Pen, father of Marine Le Pen, is the icon of the French right-wing extremism. “I interviewed him in Paris for my dissertation, just like many others, Alain Finkielkraut, for example,” says Baudet. “They all requested that I present my finished work. Everything else is Bullshit.”

And then Thierry Baudet says: “It is appalling that we have such a fear of ideas.”