The Munich public Prosecutor’s office is investigating several police officers for any criminal content in a chat group. Among other things, it comes to two Videos that were shared and anti-Semite could be. Discovered this on the private cell phone of a police officer. Internally assessed, therefore, against the men, informed the Munich police. Six police officers were suspended from duty. Reportedly, it is a chat group with several dozen officials. Previously, the Bavarian radio had reported about it.

swastika in the police chat

The case is reminiscent of the police scandal of Frankfurt. There, a policeman is supposed to have sent over a messenger service offensive and xenophobic images, Videos and texts. The Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt investigated for sedition and using of symbols of unconstitutional organisations.

LKA determined

there Is a rather extreme network within the Frankfurt police?


In the Munich case was found in the photo archive of the mobile phones is also a photo of a swastika graffiti on a concrete base in a Munich Park. A spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office stated that now would be considered, what is the content of the criminal law to be relevant. Also, the use of an electric shock device against a police officer is being investigated according to police.

Among the officials, four members of the support command (USK), an official of the police headquarters of upper Bavaria-South, and an official of the Bavarian land criminal police office, whose phone had been found in the content. The occasion for this investigation because of a possible sexual offence. This was in connection with a visit to several police officers in a restaurant in the district of Miesbach. Here, too, the Prosecutor’s office determined that police investigations are completed according to the Munich police.

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brutal cops went against Stuttgart21-protesters

Another eight officials of the same Einsatzzugs and an officer of the special operations command (SEC), according to the Munich police because of your Comments in the Chat from their units. A criminal offence these Remarks, however, it was said.

Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) condemned the incidents and promised a thorough investigation. “What should have according to previous findings played, is completely unacceptable and disturbing. This contradicts all of the values for the Bavarian police”, – said Herrmann. You’ve already been working on a seamless and sustainable education.

“Has no place in the ranks of the police, nothing,”

Herrmann said that in the current case, with regard to criminal and disciplinary consequences must await further investigation. He stressed however: “We do not tolerate in the case of the Bavarian police in the private sector, for example, via the Internet related content to be disseminated with extreme right-wing, xenophobic or anti-Semitic. Anyone who behaves in such a way, has no place in the ranks of the police.”

the Munich police chief Hubertus andrae, denounced in a video message on the allegations made against its staff sharp. “I’m actually really shocked by the behavior of some colleagues,” Munich’s top COP. “I’ll go with consistency against this behavior and approach.”

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