In the night to Friday occurs Thomas Ehrhorn to the lectern in the Bundestag. Four days later, Ralph Stegner, Chairman of the SPD in Schleswig-Holstein, over the statements of the AfD politician to say: “Unbearable right-wing agitation. Such posts are a disgrace to the Parliament.”

a request of the parliamentary group Alliance 90/The Greens for the recognition of the victims of the Nazi regime groups, AfD-man Ehrhorn was Discussed was 0.14 at the front of the Plenum. For the witching hour; the rows of chairs in the Bundestag lifted and the “intolerable right-wing agitation,” as Stegner says, it remained unnoticed by many. First of all, the ARD-Magazin “contrasts” reported on Monday evening Ehrhorns speech.

AfD-politician Thomas Ehrhorn: “We agree that no one belongs in a concentration camp. But when it comes, …”

here’s the thing: The group of Alliance 90/The Greens calls in your application, the official “recognition of the victims of the Nazi regime groups of the then so-called ‘Asocials’ and ‘professional criminals'”. This is 74 years after the liberation of Auschwitz and the case is to change in the eyes of the group. Their claims to the Federal government, among other things: “for the recording of the groups of victims of ‘career criminal’ and ‘Asocial’ in the official memory culture” and “to open up the still living Victims, access to adequate, decent compensation”. A resolution with similar content was also tabled by the FDP group.

Thomas Ehrhorn of the AfD recognizes in the demands of an “undifferentiated need for simplicity”. In his five minutes speech (which you can see here in full length or in the plenary Protocol in the wording can read) he says that it is “unfortunately not” as easy to distinguish clearly between perpetrators and Victims. “We agree that really no one belongs in a concentration camp. But when it comes, about what groups of people we are talking about here today, actually, then we need to look a little more closely,” he says.

His subsequent reasoning in the text:

debate on the recognition of NS-victim-groups

AfD-politician Thomas Ehrhorn speaks at 5. April in the Bundestag

“who belonged to the standards of this time to the ‘anti-social’, there are few concrete definitions. They included vagrants, beggars, Gypsies, alcoholics, petty criminals, pimps, and those classified as work-shy. And, Yes: Later on, the Instrument of the criminal police, preventive detention was extended without legal basis; that is correct. But it is also true that for the classification as a habitual criminal, first, a minimum of three crimes with a minimum of six months in prison, and murderer, a cheat and a rapist belonged to.

Even more problematic is the history of the so-called Kapos, the so-called green Winkler, which is recruited by the SS, sometimes from exactly these groups of people, but to equip them as a function of the prisoners, with Power and perks. Not infrequently struck and killed fellow prisoners, the green Winkler. You sabotaged the resistance in the camp, denounced and stole. Previously, you were not on the margins of society, in the warehouse, but they were rarely the top of the hierarchy of oppressors and tormentors. Therefore, it is not possible all the so-called ‘Asocials’ and ‘professional criminals to grant’ a General Amnesty, to explain them to Victims, because a part of them was also a perpetrator.”

historian: “That is so in our democratic history and culture in a completely new way”

“This history of political push from the AfD group is remarkable,” says the historian and author Moritz Hoffmann to the star. “Thomas Ehrhorn has, in fact, in the Bundestag ‘, We are in agreement that no one really belongs in a concentration camp’ with a ‘But’. This is so in our democratic history and culture in a completely new way.”


Moritz Hoffmann, a historian and author

©Moritz Hoffmann

Ehrhorn says that “professional criminals” already have a criminal record in the past. “What says Ehrhorn,” says Hoffmann: “These people had served their prison sentence, they were rehabilitated to the principle of the rule of law. That he did not want to acknowledge rehabilitated offenders who are then placed indefinitely in a concentration camp, as a victim of Nazi persecution, also says very much about its current understanding of the law.”

Also in the “Kapos” reveal the AfD-politician a “strange understanding” of the concentration camp System: “This is the SS from the camp inmates, recruited supervisors often have loaded with guilt – they are fellow prisoners, abused, denounced, and the bearing system kept Running. But doing so Deprived you of course as prisoners, as perfect, who had to fear every day of their lives.” Ehrhorns statement, the “Kapos” were formed in the camp of “not infrequently, the top of the hierarchy of oppressors and tormentors”, the historian decided: “At the top of the German, national socialist camp leadership, the prisoners brought perfidious in this forced situations, of course, always.” Ehrhorn see the concentration camp, apparently, as “a kind of prison with other means”.

The International Auschwitz Committee: “there is nothing to justify or excuse

” the International Auschwitz Committee (IAK) are reacted in horror to what Ehrhorns. “This was the appearance of a perfidious respectable man who bends the story straight,” says Executive Vice-President Christoph Heubner of the star.


Christoph Heubner, Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee

©Jens Büttner / Picture-Alliance / DPA

“With the apparent differentiation of the victims, he is continuing the interpretation of the lines of the Nazis.” This is for the victims and their families unbearable. “You will be pushed back by such statements in the hell of their memories, once again, violated and defamed. That is, nothing can justify or excuse.” That the crimes of national socialism are played down in the German Bundestag open, ready for him, so Heubner. The ILC Vice-President believed in “the ongoing attacks on our democracy,” a strategy of the party. “The AfD would be well advised to finally step down.”

The SPD, the Bundestag, Yasmin fahimi, who was at the speech of Ehrhorn present and between (“Incredible! Open Fascism!”) the statements objected to, specify in the star: “Already in his first sentence of the Lord made Ehrhorn clearly, what it is about: to make the victims the perpetrators and the acts of the offender relatifours,” said the former Secretary-General of the social Democrats. “Until today, many of the Affected, out of shame have kept their experiences. The stamp ‘antisocial’ weighing on them and their families. If the suffering that was inflicted upon them, is then mocked by members of the German Bundestag openly, not like I imagine, what new wounds tears.”


SPD-member of Parliament Yasmin fahimi

©Michael Kappeler / Picture-Alliance / DPA

Also, Mr. fahimi believes that it was in the Comments Ehrhorns a deliberate provocation. “Members of the AfD exceed in their Speeches constantly on the borderline of what was regarded in our society as decent. This relates both to the use of fascist vocabulary, as well as the reinterpretation of facts in the speech by Mr. Ehrhorn. The goal is to break the basic consensus of the views of our history.”

For all the outrage over the speech Ehrhorns – consequences of the AfD members do not need to fear, even if he had met with his speech, the offence of trivialisation of the Holocaust. Statements of deputies in the Bundestag plenary, may not be prosecuted under the law. The so-called Indemnity protects according to the Bundestag administration, the freedom of speech of parliamentarians in the plenary.

AfD Deputy Ehrhorn: “try, my speech to polymerize scandal”

The star has also asked the AfD group in the Bundestag’s opinion – to the attitude of the group to the statements; whether the opinion of the members Ehrhorn parts. A spokesman for the AfD has not expressed an opinion. The star was sent instead to a Statement by Thomas Ehrhorn.

The “contrasts”-post that shows parts of his speech, outraged him and be the “trial of the magazine, my speech to a scandal”. “The part of my speech in which I tell the story of the Kapos from the group of green Winkler, and so the essential context that was cut out in the post.” Ehrhorn sees this as an “obvious intent to distort the meaning and to disfigure”. “All the other misunderstandings, I repeat, in all the clarity of the core message of my speech contribution,” said Ehrhorn to the star: “It is inappropriate for all the innocent victims that have been spent alone due to their alleged racial affiliation in a concentration camp, with those who equate the wound as Kapos their fellow prisoners, and tormented. To explain, both groups lump the Victims, gives the impression that there are no differences. I consider this to be highly problematic, and standing fully to this statement.”

To 0.29 at the conclusion of the

goes At the end of the parliamentary debate, it is also once again back and forth. Brigitte-free hold of the left party, declared: “The social-racist categorization of people works more as a diverse Stigma. (…) Stations, the insult ‘Asi’ can be found on almost all school. The term Nazi jargon.” – The Protocol: “the acclamation of the AfD: ‘nonsense noted!'” Shortly thereafter, to 0.29 PM, and ends the meeting on Friday.

The amendments of the Greens and the FDP to the recognition of the victims of the Nazi regime groups are discussed in the committees.

sources: Ralf Stegner, in the case of Twitter, the request of Green, the request of the FDP, the ARD magazine “Kontraste”, the German Bundestag I, German Bundestag, II, Deutscher Bundestag III

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