Two of the photos did not a in the process the violent death of a seven-year-old from the head, told the presiding judge. On the first the child has to be seen in pajamas: “It shows a cheerful-looking boy who feels evident in his “grandma Elizabeth” poodle.” The second photo is the police hours later: the Lifeless, the Boy lies on the ground, his mother put her Arm around him, trying to warm him. The child is already several hours dead – murdered the woman who was taking care of the boy since his early Childhood and which he called, “grandma Elizabeth” him.

“He had to die to deliver without the slightest reason or occasion,” says the presiding judge Roland small Schroth at the district court of Heilbronn. For manslaughter, the 70 is sentenced-Year-old to a prison sentence of between ten years and six months. The parents of the killed boys strive to uphold in the courtroom. As of the Morning of the 28. April is going to be the Moment when the police photo was taken, let go of the father of his wife’s Hand and puts his Arm around you. The judge continues: Neither Doctors nor police officers at the time had been found in Künzelsau equal strength and courage, to separate the mother from the corpse of their son. “It’s incredible the suffering that hovers over this fact, and the whole process is.”

defendant to depression

sufferings of The accused took in the process, although the responsibility for the act of violence – the question of how and why it came to be, did not reply to you. For the court, a core provided tomograph spin part of the answer: changes in the brain suggested a depressive disorder – a limited control capability could not be ruled out.


The little Ole was like a grandson to you. Then they found speaks him dead in the bathtub

The judges of a subject bundle. The defendant had been overloaded and shaken. In your thoughts you accumulated, sometimes, everyday problems and increased. The Boy, who was, as often before, when you stayed, was by this time uneasy next to her in bed, brought them to the sleep, as the judge performs. “The motive was: to Me, everything is too much, I want my peace and quiet.”

for at Least three minutes, the woman tied the boy to the air. The judge turns over an hourglass, makes the period tangible. After about a Minute the body had started to cramp, Klein says Schroth. “Excluded, that the power of someone who knows what he’s doing.” There is no doubt that the trained killing a nurse, the boys intentionally do not insist. Thus, the judge is directed against the interpretation of the defender, which pleaded to a guilty verdict for negligent homicide.

mother pleaded, “Let us back into the black hole”

the lawyer for The parents, which occurred as a co-plaintiff, urged, as well as the attorney for a murder conviction. He said in his closing lecture: The two of you were to understand through the process, answers to find, to be able to handle. At the start in front of more than four months, the mother had won crying to the Pflegeoma: “don’t Let us back in the black hole.”

“I find no words for what happened,” said the defendant in the last word. Only at the end of the process it had begun at all, to testify and became entangled in contradictions. She couldn’t remember or wanted to, was the judge. “Of course, you would have been the Only one that can tell us everything”, the judge to the defendant. He added: “all of this will understand, nobody.”

Linda Vogt / vit / DPA

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