Probably because of a right-of-way error in ship traffic in the Baltic sea near the island, two freighters of Rügen in conflict. No one was hurt.

In the accident early Friday morning, the Norwegian freighter “Norvind was beaten” leak, there was a major water break-in, said a spokesman for the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur rettung schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS). Environmentally hazardous substances are not obvious.

The water intrusion was brought by the crew under control, so that it refrained from an evacuation of the ship. On Board the 110-metre-long Norwegian cargo freighter ten crew members were aboard the 134-Meter-long German container ship “Beate” were 13 people.

the reason for the accident was, according to the water protection police is a right-of-way of error, the “Norvind”. The ships were on intersecting routes on the road, where they met together. The evaluation of the data, as well as the statements of the skippers to confirm the circumstances of the accident, said police spokesman Björn Nuremberg. “Even on the water the rule is: right before left.”

Against the Norwegian captain of the ship leading officer of the German ship were in agreement with the prosecution because of the threat to the shipping traffic has been initiated. So the skipper of the “Beate would have had to,” initiate an evasive maneuver when he realized the “Norvind” danger.

The leaking of the “Norvind”, when there was a major water break-in, deck now secured in the port of Sassnitz, as well as the Container vessel, the “Beate”. The German ship minor damage to the front of the ship emerged. The damage deck, at least in the six-digit Euro range, if not higher, it said.

Both ships sailed under its own power, but accompanied by distress cruisers in the port of Sassnitz-Mukran.