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About 150 migrants on boat off Libya in distress (16: 46)repair after the missile accident on “Saxony” will cost 40 million euros (15.45)student stabs in Belarus teacher and classmates (15.43 UhrGeldtransporter disappears in Paris a Million euros (15.15)investigations against the AfD-politician because of a Facebook entry set (14.31 PM)

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+++ 19.26 PM: Iran: commander threatens to attack Tel Aviv and Haifa +++

A commander of the Iranian revolutionary guard corps (IRGC) threatened with an attack on Tel Aviv and Haifa if the US should attack Iran. “The US should know that we would make a military attack on us, Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground,” said General Jadollah Dschawani, head of the IRGC political Bureau. Iran had no fear of the USA, because the country could defend itself adequately, so the General, according to the state news Agency IRNA.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the threats. “If this Regime makes the terrible mistake to try to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa, it will have no success,” said Netanyahu. “But this will be the last birthday of the Revolution, the you are celebrating.”

Israel is the arch-enemy number one Iran and the disintegration of Israel and the liberation of Palestine since 40 years the foreign policy doctrine of the country. Although this hostility is to be officially only in the political and against the Israeli government, but the statements of some Iranian politicians, clerics, and especially of generals in the IRGC often border on anti-Semitism.

+++ 18.10: After double homicide on justice grounds: man has been sentenced to life in prison +++

After a double murder at the Justice center in Frankfurt/Main of the offender to life imprisonment. The judges of the Limburg district court saw it on Monday also, the Severity of the debt, what is a premature release from prison after 15 years excludes in practice.

The Afghanistan-born man was murdered in January 2014 in front of and in the Frankfurt courthouse, two country people with a firearm and a knife in front of their process to the killing of his brother.

+++ 18.06 PM: Norway: kidnappers give no sign of life from millionaire wife +++

The family is in Norway missing millionaire’s wife has again contact with the alleged kidnappers had. It had been delivered but still no proof that the 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen live, said a police spokesman at a press conference. The family lawyer, Svein Holden, said in the evening, you will not be negotiating with the kidnappers before they have received a sign of life of the woman.

this Time on a different platform communicates as before, he said. Details he called. The family had already received in mid-January a message from the alleged kidnappers, but complained that communication about the chosen digital platform was very limited. According to the police, there has been a ransom demand in a crypto-currency, according to media reports, in the value of nine million euros.

the wife of The Investor’s Tom Hagen, one of the 200 richest people in Norway, since the 31. October as disappeared.

+++ 17.45: Turkey: Four soldiers die in helicopter crash +++

in The crash of a military helicopter in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, the four soldiers are killed. She died in hospital of her injuries, said the Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya on Monday at the scene of the accident in the district of Cekmeköy in the Asian side of the city. The helicopter crashed in a Wohngebit on a deserted Playground, as the channel CNN Türk reported. Pictures of the wreckage of the helicopter was to be seen.

Yerlikaya had communicated after the crash on Twitter, four soldiers were injured and have been hospitalized. The Pilot wanted to make an emergency landing. This, however, is a failure. The cause of the accident was being investigated.

+++ 17.43 at: Austria: Empty asylum accommodation costs up to 2029 million-rent +++

Austria has to for an empty asylum seekers-accommodation pay a million-dollar rent. The building in Steinhaus am Semmering with a capacity for up to 194 people, a cost of 45,000 euros a month rent, as an answer to a question of the Ministry of interior to the SPÖ. It had been closed due to the fall in the number go to asylum seekers at the turn of the year, together with six other similar Federal institutions. It was cheaper to use it to save at least the operating costs, said a spokesman for the interior Ministry. The contract can be exercised at the earliest at the end of the year, 2029 is terminated. It was agreed to pay under the impact of increasing Refugee.

After the property is closed legally, but deactivated, then it could be within a very short time in operation, it said.

+++ 17.18 PM: Rheinland-Pfalz deprives Muslim Kita permission +++

The only Muslim day nursery in Rheinland-Pfalz needs to close following a decision by the Land youth welfare office. The Kita-carrier, in the Mainz mosque of the Association Arab Nile Rhine, represent the contents of the Islamist Muslim brotherhood and Salafism, and not standing on the floor of the basic law, informed the President of the state office for social Affairs, youth and care, Detlef Placzek, in Mainz, Germany. There were strong doubts as to the reliability. The operation of the Al-Only kindergarten in Mainz must, no later than 31. March will be set. There were strong doubts as to the reliability. The Chairman of the mosque Association, Samy El Hagrasy, rejected the accusation of extremist efforts and announced an appeal against the decision and filed a lawsuit before the administrative court.

It was the first Time that a nursery in Rheinland-Pfalz is deprived of its operating license, said the head of Agency. The permit authority would have to intervene if a carrier is willing, or able, to “create the conditions to ensure the child’s well-being”. The support of the Al-Kita will be tolerated for a transitional period until the end of March, since there is no evidence of “acute hazards to life and limb of the children”.

+++ 16: 46: Approximately 150 migrants on boat off Libya in distress +++

A boat with 150 migrants on Board is according to the International organization for Migration (IOM) in front of the Libyan coast in distress. The people are in need of help it was “urgent to rescue them as quickly as possible,” tweeted IOM spokesman Flavio Di Giacomo.

The charity Mediterranea Saving Humans explained that on the boat at least 50 women, including some Pregnant women, and 30 children. The ship had engine trouble. Some of the people on Board to go bad, wrote the NGO on Facebook. Malta and Italy should intervene. At Mediterranea, the German organization Sea-Watch is involved.

Until the middle of January, many migrants had arrived in the Mediterranean sea in a boating accident claimed the lives of. Civilian rescue ships are barely on the go, because Italy allows you, in the ports of the country.

+++ 15.45: repair after the missile accident on “Saxony” will cost 40 million euros +++

The repair after the rocket accident on the frigate “Sachsen” will cost about 40 million euros. Also replaces the damaged launch facility, had to be a spokesman for the defense Ministry said in Berlin. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported. During a training Exercise off the coast of Norway was burned down in June of last year, the drive-to-air missile of the type SM 2, shortly after the Firing, without that, the rocket was lifted.

“We were standing in front of a glistening and glowing wall of fire hot”, had described a frigate captain the online portal for the Navy. On the Internet published images of significant fire were the constructions of traces on the upper deck and the bridge to see. The crew remained unharmed, and I quickly and correctly acted, as it was then.

+++ 15.43 PM: student stabs in Belarus teacher and classmates +++

A 15-year-old white Russian comrades on Monday, according to the authorities, his teacher and a class stabbed to death and two classmates seriously injured. Local media reported that the young people had arrived before the first hour in school, and had violated his history teacher through a stitch in the neck fatally. After that, he got killed in a class room the students had to escape through a window and injured the other two students.

The police arrested the attacker, therefore, two hours later. Its users accounts in social media, he had deleted, according to Reports, the day before. The incident occurred in Stolbtsy, 70 kilometres southwest of the Belarusian capital, Minsk. Such acts of violence in schools in the authoritarian former Soviet Republic of Russia before rarely white.

+++ 15.15: money Transporter disappears in Paris with a Million Euro +++

Around one Million euros from a money van have disappeared in the vicinity of Paris, without a trace. The 28-year-old driver took two colleagues on Monday when an Agency for cash transfers in Aubervilliers, North of the French capital, as it was called by the police. In the case of the return of the two men in the car and the driver were gone.

The empty vehicle of the company Loomis has been a little later with the doors open a few streets away found. Of the Million and the driver is still missing. The investigations were handed over to a unit to fight gang crime.

In November 2009, had stolen a driver of the same company for 11.5 million Euro. He was caught after about one week of escape and convicted for theft. In 2013, he came back from prison.

+++ 14.55 PM: construction Crane falls and damaged two houses +++

A construction Crane is in baden-württemberg, Bretten, overturned and damaged two houses. 36 residents were taken to safety, was injured but no one like the police in Karlsruhe said. Accordingly, the earth fell when unloading under a support leg, whereby the crane was caught in a wrong position. The counterweights and the boom crashed into two houses and damaged a roof and several exterior walls. The property damage, the police estimated to be a five-digit amount. The city of Bretten, provided accommodation for 36 residents concerned.

+++ 14.31 PM: investigation of the AfD-politician because of Facebook-entry +++

set To swirl around a Facebook entry of one of the AfD group in the Hessian town of the hochtaunuskreis district has set for the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s office investigation against two representatives of the party. The spokeswoman for the authority, Nadja Sneezing, citing “lack of evidence”. The Prosecutor’s office had determined because of a threat.

Young Alternative in Cologne

“Real gun in the Hand”: AfD-circle Chairman, party young forms in the shoot out

Wigbert Löer

In the Facebook post of 27. August 2018 had it fried, according to the German journalists Association: “we have known revolutions were eventually stormed the broadcasting studios and the press houses and the employees on the road dragged. About the media should think representatives in this country, because if the mood tilts definitively, it is too late.” According to sneezing, there is evidence that the Posting without legitimacy was given by the two AfD-politician. Therefore, a procedure for Forging of evidentiary data against unknown persons had now been initiated. The national Association of AfD had distanced himself at the time of the entry, which attracted journalists ‘ associations for outrage.

+++ 14.10 PM: Swedish crown jewels from the garbage bin are a real +++

After several days of testing, the Swedish authorities have confirmed the authenticity of in a dumpster found the crown jewels. In the case of objects which were discovered about a week ago in the Stockholm area, was it, in fact, from the Cathedral of Strängnäs stolen jewelry, police said. With the help of the Swedish Church, the forensic Institute of the police have been able to eliminate the last doubts as to the authenticity of the discovery. In what condition you are in, was initially unclear.

The crown jewels – the crown and the Orb of in 1611, died Charles IX. of Sweden, as well as the crown of his 1625 deceased wife, Queen Christine of Holstein-Gottorp – had been stolen at the end of July 2018 from the Dom. Do you have an estimate of the equivalent of more than six million euros. According to the Fund last Tuesday, the police already assumed that it was the stolen goods. Studies should, however, dispel the last doubt.

+++ 14.04 PM: AfD wants to bring homeless people in refugee accommodation +++

The AfD would like to empty use in Refugee shelters, to put homeless people are more sleeping places available. An application wants to present to the group this Thursday in the Bundestag. It provides that “in the event of persistent under-occupancy, and requires” one-fifth of the capacity in ACCcommunity accommodations free of charge for the homeless. Also apartments and hotel rooms that had been rented for the accommodation of asylum seekers in the long term, at the latest after two months of vacancy to the “needy homeless”.

The links group, in contrast, normal apartments for the homeless. In an application, which will also be debated on Thursday in the Bundestag, and takes out Northern Europe, for example: In Finland and Denmark apartments would be created specifically for the homeless, or bought. Also in Berlin, there is a corresponding model of the project. In difference to other programs for the homeless for these apartments don’t have to abstain from alcohol and other substances, but can take offers of help. The approach is based on the fact that you need first a stable accommodation, and other problems should then be addressed.

+++ 13.37 PM: the UK and Switzerland sign trade agreement +++

the UK and Switzerland have agreed on a bilateral trade agreement for the period after the Brexit. The British Minister for international trade, Liam Fox, and the Minister of economy of Switzerland, Guy Parmelin, signed the agreement in Bern on Monday. Don’t allow it, the “healthy economic and trade relations” of both countries to continue, if Britain was no longer part of the EU, explained the Swiss government. Switzerland is not a member of the EU, its relations with the UK are regulated by bilateral agreements between Bern and Brussels. It should come to an orderly Brexit, the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU up to the end of the transition period for the relations to the United Kingdom valid, was from Bern. There is, however, a hard Brexit, will the new trade agreement “on September 30. March 2019 in force”.

the UK is one of the most important trade partners of Switzerland. The Alpine country sent in 2017, exports to the extent of the equivalent of 10.1 billion euros to the island. Thus, the UK was the sixth largest export market for Switzerland. Is flipped over to Switzerland for the UK, the fourth most important trading partner outside the EU.

+++ 13.10 PM: woman on embankment choked: a defendant is silent to weigh +++

About eight months after the violent death of a 30-year-old woman at a railway dam in Berlin to the alleged murderer to trial before the district court. The 39-Year-old is said to have choked the woman. He had murdered a woman to hide a previous attempted rape Verde, in the process beginning on Monday-picked charge.

The court had issued a decision, however, the legal note that instead of a sex crime, even an attempted robbery. The defender of the Bulgarians declared on the sidelines of the trial, for murder in connection with an attempted rape, there is no evidence.

+++ 12.59 PM: cases of abuse in Lügde: 31 victims The number of victims identified +++

the scandal surrounding the more than a thousand times the child abuse on a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lügde has risen to 31. These are 27 girls and four boys, as the investigators have informed on Monday in Bielefeld, Germany. The children were in the sexual offences usually between four and 13 years old. Finally, the authorities had reported of 29 identified Victims.

The abuse series on the campsite, “Eichwald” in Lügde was reported nearly two weeks ago. The main suspect, a 56-year-old regular guest at the campsite, as well as two more men aged 48 and 33 years of sitting in detention.

+++ 12.50 PM: Israel: dog sets fire to house to +++

A dog has triggered, according to the police, a fire in a residential building in the South of Israel. The fire caused a great damage to the building in Qiryat Gat, police said on Monday. On the Video of a surveillance camera of the dog to see how he is on the porch on his pillow and with a subject of plays. According to police, it was a lighter. Suddenly, flames light up. The dog is staring at the flames and begins to bark. The fire had spread quickly to the Rest of the house, police said. During the fire, two people were slightly injured. A police spokesman said the dog: “He is alive, and will behave more wrong.”

+++ 12.25 PM: regional politicians accused of acid attack on a woman activist in Ukraine +++

For the fatal acid attack on the Ukrainian Anti-corruption activist Kateryna Gandsjuk the Prosecutor makes a high-ranking regional politicians responsible. The prosecution accuse the Chairman of the regional Council of Kherson region, Vladislav Manger, the murder of Gandsjuk “organized” to have informed the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on Facebook. He had maintained a “personal aversion” to Gandsjuk, it said in a statement. A spokeswoman for the attorney General added, Manger’ll also accused of her death with “particular cruelty”.

the Unknown had Gandsjuk on the 31. July 2018 in front of her house with a litre of sulphuric acid showered, and fled the scene. She suffered serious burns and was operated on ten Times. After three months, the 33-Year-old succumbed to her injuries.

+++ 12.10 am: the Threat of famine: a grain warehouse in the Yemen +++

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


In the fight against a looming hunger catastrophe in the war-torn country, Yemen’s request to the United Nations war parties urgent access to your grain store. Close to the port city of Hudaida wheat for the supply of 3.7 million people for a month stored in a grain mill enough. But the mill is located in a contested area, the access is blocked for five months. The grain is starting to rot now. The UN envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, the UN emergency relief coordinator Mark Lowcock, appealed to the authorities to enable helpers in time of need the access.

since 2014, the raging civil war in the Yemen on the Arabian has become a Peninsula to the largest humanitarian disaster in the world. Twelve million people did not eat enough, so the UN. The government and the rebels had agreed in December in Sweden, to demilitarize the port city of Hudaida. But progress is Stalled.

attack on school bus

In Yemen, sterben of thousands of civilians, and hardly anyone will be interested in

Here, an air attack on a school bus, as a to a hospital or to a marketplace: In Yemen die of thousands of civilians in a civil war that has long since become a proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and its arch-enemy Iran.

DPA +++ 11: 34 PM: Up to 250,000 child soldiers worldwide +++

Despite a ban in most countries, tens of thousands of boys and girls worldwide in need according to Unicef, as child soldiers. Secure Pay was not there, but went to some estimates up to 250,000 child soldiers worldwide, said the children’s charity of the United Nations.

on the Occasion of the world day against the use of child soldiers on Tuesday it called on the governments to do more “to end the serious children’s rights violation”. “Children are not soldiers. They may be used in the Wars of adults,” said the managing Director of Unicef Germany, Christian Schneider.

+++ 11.25 am: a teenager stands in Belarus on teacher and student a +++

A high school student has stabbed at a school in Belarus, a teacher and a student, two other minors were injured. The Ministry of the interior announced in the capital, Minsk. The young people fled at first, a little later, the cops would have arrested him. The alleged perpetrator had been born in 2003, and in the tenth grade, it said. Local media reported witnesses, relying on the fact that the young people had stormed into the class room and got stabbed. Then he jumped out of the window. The backgrounds are still unclear. The fact happened in the town of Gomel to the southwest of Minsk.

+++ 11.21 PM: parents of dead commemoration in Berlin schoolgirl with minute’s silence +++

With a minute of silence in Berlin, parents of a dead eleven-year-old student thought it would be. The memory of the house otter elementary school in the district of Reinickendorf was held, after the parents had brought their children on the first day after the holiday to the class. Head of the school, Daniela, Walter, invited the parents, then to a conversation in the gym. According to a mother, the Director announced for this week’s parents evenings in all the classes.

The eleven-year-old primary school pupil is supposed to have taken, according to the “daily mirror” a suicide attempt and later, in the hospital at the consequences died. The case made far beyond Berlin for attention. As a possible Background to the suspicion of bullying in the room. So far, neither the cause of death is clarified, nor is it certain whether bullying led to the alleged suicide.

+++ 11.15 PM: footballer Al-Araibi from Bahrain from detention in Thailand released +++

The former national football player Hakim Al-Araibi from Bahrain detention in Thailand, after two and a half months. Previously, a court in the Thai capital had decided, at the request of the prosecution that the extradition proceedings against the 25-Year-old set. Thus, the player needs to fear no deportation in his old home.

According to the media, Al-Araibi as quickly as possible, back to Australia, where he is now recognized as a political refugee, and for a club from Melbourne that plays wants to tell. In Thailand, he had actually want to catch up with his wife for the honeymoon. At the request of Bahrain, he was at the end of November, however, on arrival in Bangkok. The authoritarian-ruled Kingdom accused him to have during the “Arab spring” of 2011, riots also involved. In the absence he was sentenced to ten years in prison. Al-Araibi denies the allegations. During the alleged time of the offence he was at a football game that was broadcast live on the TV, on the square.

+++ 10.56 watch: train collides in the Lausitz against the fallen tree +++

In Saxony is one of the railcars of the railway company Trilex collided with a fallen tree. In the accident in the Morning in Neukirch Lausitz, the train driver and a customer Advisor were slightly injured, a company spokesman in Dresden said. The ten passengers were uninjured and were transported by taxis. The Trilex-train was severely damaged. The railway track between Zittau and Dresden remained for several hours blocked.

+++ 10.45 a.m.: Prosecutor’s office determined because of match-manipulation in Regionalliga +++

After the manipulation allegations in the Regionalliga match between SV Babelsberg Germania Halberstadt to run criminal investigations. The Prosecutor’s office in Neuruppin perform a procedure on suspicion of Manipulation of professional sporting competitions, confirmed chief Prosecutor Frank Winter. Against whom suspicion is directed specifically, he wanted to say, with reference to the current procedure.

+++ 10.36 PM: One dead after attempted robbery in Rhineland-Palatinate +++

The house of an American family in the Rhineland-Palatinate Landstuhl is attacked, a little later a dead body on a street. Whether the Dead is one of the perpetrators, will be determined, said a spokesman for the police in Kaiserslautern. According to previous findings, the four burglars had tried on Sunday evening, in the house of the family. The apartment owners have fought back and the offender with a knife and injured. The victim was able to escape according to the police, the accomplices. A little later, a witness had reported that a wounded man lying on the road. The rescuers supplied the 43-Year-old on the spot, could not save his life.

+++ 9.57 am: a teenager stands in Belarus on teacher and student a +++

A teenager has been stabbed to death at a school in Belarus, a teacher and a student, two other minors were injured. The Ministry of the interior announced in the capital, Minsk. The young people fled at first, a little later, the cops would have arrested him. The alleged perpetrator had been born in 2003, – stated in the message. The backgrounds were initially unclear. The fact happened in the town of Gomel to the southwest of Minsk.

attack on the AfD-politician

Magnitz wanted to create with a photo of “affectedness”: “We attacked the entire Nation up

DPA +++ 9.35 PM: Four AfD-shaking” members in Berlin – two +++

injured Four AfD members are attacked according to police in Berlin by a group and to the part of the injured have been beaten. The five to seven attackers had attacked late Sunday evening, the AfD-politician, according to their statements, in the vicinity of the Berlinale-cinema “International”, said a police spokeswoman on request. Two of the four victims of seien by blows with the fist or a in a cloth bag hidden object easily been injured. Both the 27 and the 31-year-old Beaten were on the way to the cinema. Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick had invited supporters of the right-wing populist party to a free visit of the documentary film “The secret archive in the Warsaw Ghetto”.

+++ 9.31 am: After the attack on Magnitz investigators are examining around 200 notes +++

About a month after the attack on the city of Bremen that the AfD-Chef Frank Magnitz have more than 200 people reported to the investigators. A hot track, there is not, however, as the spokesman of the Bremen public Prosecutor’s office, Frank Passade said. “So far, the clues have not led to the identification of the suspects.”

+++ 9.28 PM: Indonesian police lets go of snake on a suspected thief +++

With a brutal interrogation method is the Indonesian police with any amount of criticism. On the island of new Guinea officials in a cell let go of at least two-Meter-long snake on a suspected thief, you in handcuffs were placed. On a Video to see how the man panics and screams. After torture-allegations of human rights for the police apologized for the absence of learning.

+++ 9.12 PM: wooden hut on a campsite explodes – a man suffered life-threatening injuries +++

In the case of the Explosion of a hut on a campsite in Freren in lower Saxony, a man dangerous to life has been violated. As the police in Lingen (Ems) told us, was poured in the wooden house, probably with a Gas furnace. Immediately prior to the Explosion of the 46 had put on-Year-old, therefore, apparently on a cigarette. Whether the Detonation was triggered, but it is still unclear, it said. According to the officials, the sister of the man had noticed before the accident on Sunday afternoon, the smell of gas and together with him the window is open to ventilate the cabin. Then she left the building. Shortly after that, on to the violent Explosion that destroyed the hut completely.

+++ 9 am: US Secretary of defense to a surprise visit to Kabul +++

The acting Secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan traveled to a surprise visit to Afghanistan. Shanahan arrived in the Morning in the Afghan capital, Kabul. There he wants to meet the head of state Ashraf Ghani and the top commander of U.S. and Nato forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller,. It is the first international trip of Shanahan, since he was replaced at the beginning of the year, the outgoing US defence Secretary Jim Mattis.

+++ 7.25 PM: May rejects Corbyns proposal of a customs Union +++

In the struggle for their Brexit course has rejected the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the proposal of the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, a permanent customs Union with the EU to maintain. In a letter to the head of the Labour party, the British media quoted, ready to be displayed at the same time to further discussions with the Opposition. You have to come to an agreement with Corbyn that there should be no new elections, a second Referendum.

the UK wants the European Union on 29. March, leave. The agreement on the modalities of the withdrawal, the May with the EU, which had already been negotiated fell through in mid-January in the British Parliament. Also, many members from Mays Conservative party voted against the Deal. Corbyn was May last week, the support of his party in view, if you accept a customs Union and access to the EU internal market.