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No merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank (10.41 p.m.)the U.S. health care authority reports taken record number of measles cases (8.01 p.m.)16 more Suspects in Sri Lanka (6.43 PM)Burger chain McDonald’s will be damaged part of the vegan (4: 05)Hollywood star of Donald Trump again (2.17 PM)

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+++ 11.52 PM: Putin: North Korea needs security guarantees in the event of denuclearization +++

the North Korean leader Vladimir Putin security guarantees in return for nuclear disarmament needs according to the assessment by Russia’s state. The international community must give guarantees on the security and sovereignty of North Korea, Putin said after talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in the Russian Vladivostok. It was the first summit of the two heads of state meeting.

+++ 11.34 PM: Revision rejected: sweet-children must compete to jail +++

the children of The drugstore entrepreneur Anton Schlecker their prison sentences. Lars and Meike Schlecker had filed against the judgments of the regional court of Stuttgart Revision. The Federal court rejected this, however, the sentence of imprisonment to one or two months. So Lars and Meike are Schlecker legally to imprisonment for a sentenced of two years and seven months. The two children of Anton Schlecker infidelity accused, insolvency, bankruptcy and aid to the bankruptcy of her father. Unlike the two-year prison sentence for her father, Anton Schlecker, the penalties of the children can not be suspended.

+++ 10.41 PM: Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank quit merger talks +++

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank quit their talks about a possible merger. The two institutions in Frankfurt am Main informed. A merger would offer “sufficient value” – also with a view to the implementation risks, restructuring costs and capital requirements that went with such a large Integration.

+++ 10.09 PM: BGH: Unitymedia is allowed to use the Router without consent for Hotspots +++

The cable network operator Unitymedia must seek for the use of routers to its customers as part of public Wi-Fi Hotspots their consent. A right to object, ruled the German Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe. The consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, had complained because of the undue harassment. Unitymedia offers its services in North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse.

Unitymedia had pointed out to 2016 its customers in writing that it playing Software for a second Wi-Fi Signal the customer with the opportunity to object given. There is no harassment, said the presiding judge, Thomas cook. “The undisturbed use of the router by the clients is not affected by the activation of the second wireless signal by its operation.” (Az: I ZR 23/18).

+++ 09.52 PM: report: merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank failed welfare +++

The possible merger between Deutsche Bank and the Commerzbank is probably failed. “It boils down to a breakdown of negotiations”, cited the “Handelsblatt” on the inside. Formally decided not yet. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, this is not commented on.

talks in Vladivostok

be More successful than Trump? Putin and Kim talk about nuclear disarmament – but not only

DPA +++ 08.56 PM: the First meeting of Putin with Kim: “Contents” +++

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, their first long Four-eyes refers to conversation as “content”. It had been also the Situation on the Korean Peninsula, which is part of the largest international problems, said Kim in Vladivostok.

Putin said both sides had also talked about how the situation could be improved. The two spoke after a more than hour-long conversation, the Russian television showed. Details were not known.

+++ 08.25 PM: priest: for the time being for worship in Catholic churches in Sri Lanka +++

After the attacks in Sri Lanka with more than 350 dead will be held in the Catholic churches of the country for the time being, no God services more and more. “On the advice of the security forces, we let all the churches be closed,” said a high-ranking priest to the AFP news Agency. Until Further notice, would be celebrated, therefore, no public measure. According to government officials, have increased security measures at churches across the country.

+++ 08.01 PM: the US health authority reports record number of measles cases +++

The US health authority CDC registered cases, a record number of measles. Accordingly, the number of reported disease cases from 22 States rose on Wednesday on 695. “This is the highest number of cases reported since the elimination of measles in this country in the year 2000 in the United States,” said the authority.

The high number is mainly due to larger outbreaks in the U.S. state of Washington, as well as in the city and in the state of New York since the end of 2018. The longer the eruptions lasted, the greater the likelihood that the disease could gain a foothold in the U.S., it was called.

The United States had declared the year 2000 as being free of measles. The recent outbreaks were the result of unvaccinated travelers who have imported the disease in the United States, said the CDC.

+++ 07.57 PM: the number of glyphosate-lawsuits against Bayer continues to increase +++

The number of actions against the agro-chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer for alleged cancer risks of glyphosate weed killer is further increased. Up to 11. April had been complaining of around 13 400 plaintiffs, informed Bayer on Thursday in Leverkusen. Around 2200 more than the end of January.

The lawsuit number is increasing especially since August resistant, after a jury-court had awarded to a cancer patient with high damages. In March, Bayer has suffered the next defeat in a jury process once. The judgments and probably also in the sums of approximately 80 million US dollars – garnered a lot of attention and is likely to have attracted more applicants.

+++ 07.22 PM: Elevator, on site in China, Eleven workers are dead +++

In the North-East of China crashes – got in an accident with an Elevator eleven workers lost their lives. Two other workers were injured in the accident, hard as, Chinese state media reported. The Elevator was on a Baustelle in the city of Hengshui (Hebei province) due to a technical defect in the deep fell. In China, it always comes back to serious work accidents because safety requirements are not complied with. Only in March had come in an Explosion at an industrial Park in the Eastern Chinese city of Yancheng, at least 78 people were killed, hundreds were injured.

+++ 07.20 PM: 400 emergency workers fight a fire in the Hessian seuling forest +++

some 400 emergency workers have been fighting on Thursday in the Hessian seuling forest (County Hersfeld-Rotenburg) against a major fire. According to police, around seven hectares of the forest area went up in flames. After a heavy Storm, the fire broke out late Wednesday evening. “We assume that a lightning has struck into the forest,” said a police spokesman. People were not in danger. The fire was in the Morning, although under control, the would delete to go to work, however, still several hours more.

+++ 07.10 PM: Tesla drives in the first quarter more than $ 700 million loss a +++

The U.S. electric car maker Tesla has scored in the first quarter of the year, heavy losses. In the first three months of the loss amounted to 702 million dollars (627 million euros), as the Elon Musk-founded company telling.

To justify the company had recorded in the two previous quarters profits, and delays in deliveries of the electric cars, particularly in Europe and China. To create Tesla also made a reduction of a tax benefit for electric vehicles in the United States of 7500 dollars to 3500 dollars.

+++ 06.43 PM: 16 more Suspects in Sri Lanka arrested +++

After the devastating terrorist attacks with hundreds dead in Sri Lanka, the investigators have arrested 16 more Suspects. A total of 76 Suspects in custody, according to authorities information. In addition, several vehicles were seized, and new security measures adopted, including a no-fly zone for drones. Support the local investigators, who travelled specially to Teams in the American Federal police, FBI and Interpol.

Seven sri Lankan suicide bomber had blown up on Easter Sunday, at almost the same time in three Christian churches in several cities, and three luxury hotels in the capital city of Colombo in the air. A few hours later there were two more explosions in a small Hotel and a residential area in the suburbs of Colombo. A further stop on a Five-star Hotel, failed. The number of the dead was, according to police information by the Wednesday in 359.

+++ 06.05 PM: study: World’s twelve million hectares of tropical forest disappeared +++

‘the World’s twelve million hectares of tropical forest are, according to a study last year lost. This corresponds to the area of Bavaria and lower Saxony. Of particular concern is the loss of the original rain forest in the tropics, it is stated in the report of the project Global Forest Watch (GFW.

+++ 05.48 PM: Deutsche Bahn in the first quarter of approximately 10,000 letters of appointment +++

Deutsche Bahn has given commitments in the first three months of this year, 10,000 of the Setting. Including 870 driver 650 driving service providers and 1020 service holder, as chief of staff Martin Seiler said. “We set so intensive as never before, to offer our customers a better train.” Overall, the group is planning, in this year, 22,000 new employees.

+++ 04.41 PM: court: Ghosn comes against million-Deposit free +++

A court in Tokyo upheld an application by the detained Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn on bail. The court set bail at 500 million Yen (about four million euros). The prosecution is expected to appeal against this decision.

+++04.39 PM: Clear majority in favour of complete government’s move to Berlin +++

25 years after the decision on the allocation of the Federal government between Bonn and Berlin, a clear majority of Germans want a full relocation from the Rhine to the Spree. In a survey conducted by the opinion research Institute YouGov on behalf of the German press Agency, 55 percent, however, were in favour and only 27 percent.

Even in North Rhine-Westphalia, where the former Federal capital, Bonn, are more civil for a complete move than against it: With a 47 to 36 percent, the result fell, however, as expected, narrower than in the Rest of the Republic. By the Berliners for almost two-thirds (65 percent) want to have the entire government in your city, only 18 percent would prefer to do without it.

+++ 04.19 PM: output of the 500-Euro note, ends on Friday +++

The days of the 500-Euro note are counted. Only up to and including this Friday (26. April) the purple banknotes at the Bundesbank and the Austrian national Bank. A Run on the largest Euro bill in the last weeks before the Output is stopped, the German Central Bank is unable to determine. “Extraordinary hoarding activities there,” said Bundesbank Executive Board Johannes Beermann. The demand in Germany since the beginning of the year stable.

+++ 04.05 PM: Burger chain McDonald’s is part of the vegan +++

the Burger chain, McDonald’s is increasing Given the trend towards the abandonment of animal products into vegan products. The end of this month, the sale of the “Big Vegan”Burger without animal ingredients launches, as the company announced. “The Trend towards meatless is greater,” said company spokesman Philipp wax wood. In Austria and Switzerland, the Vegan will not stand in the offer on the card.

+++ 03.24 PM: US border guards access to border to Mexico, let alone three years on +++

US border guards have taken up to the border with Mexico, let alone three years. On the shoes of the weeping child his Name and a phone number had been written, shared with the U.S. customs and border protection authority. Therefore, a patrol near the Texas town of Brownsville was encountered a group of suspected illegal immigrants. When the officers wanted to take the migrants, took refuge in a corn field.

There, the US border guards found the boy, “alone and crying”, as the authority announced. He was taken to a hospital, but was in good health. Attempts to locate his family, remained at first without success.

Easter attacks

revenge for Christchurch should be the motive for terrorism in Sri Lanka IS claimed as fact, for

AFP +++ 03.12 PM: US Secretary of state suspects IS behind attacks in Sri Lanka +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo for on the assumption that the terrorist network Islamic state (IS) in the ground the series of attacks in Sri Lanka, prepares or even executed. “I would like to say that all the clues indicate that this was inspired by the IS at least,” said Pompeo in an Interview with the broadcaster CBS, which was published in excerpts and full-length on 1. May be broadcast.

The investigations are not yet complete, and he further assumes that there will be more information about whether there were actual Connections to the IS added Pompeo.

+++ 03.05 PM: the United States condemns issuing of Russian passports for Eastern Ukrainians +++

The US government has condemned the decision of Russia to supply the inhabitants of the Eastern Ukraine is easier with Russian passports. “This highly provocative act, Russia intensifies its Assault on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, – said in a statement, the U.S. state Department.

The decision by President Vladimir Putin, creating a serious obstacle for the implementation of the agreements outlined in the Minsk agreements and for the re-integration of the Donbas Region.

+++ 03.05 PM: US-a racist, after a brutal murder of a Black hung +++

In the US, because of the brutal murder of a Black convict on death row a racist has been executed. John William King was killed in the prison of Huntsville, in the U.S. state of Texas with a lethal injection, officials said. The 44-Year-old had tied in 1998, together with two accomplices, a Black to a car and dragged to death.

The case of the 49-year-old James Byrd had shaken the United States hard, and the Lynch killings in the time of racial segregation reminded. King and two other men had kidnapped the hitchhiker, beaten together, and, finally, to your Pickup bound. Then they drove through the area and dragged Byrd behind her.

+++ 02.17 PM: Hollywood-star of Donald Trump again++

Donald trump’s star on the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood damaged + has once again been damaged. This time, an Unknown and went with spray paint for case, as US media reported. The Internet service published a Video to see how someone sprayed the plate with black ink and then in White the words “Putin’s Bitch” it writes.

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