The hard-won compromise to the so-called ban on advertising of abortions today (9.30 a.m.) approved by Cabinet. The agreement of the Union and the SPD provides that Pregnant women easier than in the past about the possibilities of an abortion.

So Doctors and hospitals should be allowed to is the fact inform you that they perform abortions. For further information, they must, however, referred to authorities, advice agencies and chambers of Physicians. There is also Central lists should be with Physicians and hospitals to which the Pregnant woman can apply.

The controversial Section 219a, the “advertising” for abortions under the penalty, remains the same after the compromise, however, is supplemented with the new information.

The SPD and the opposition parties wanted to highlight the paragraph is actually from the criminal code. But the CDU and CSU rejected. In the future, also for the prevention of pills up to 22. Birthday of the women are paid by the health insurance Fund, and not – as before – up to 20. Birthday.

The German medical Association finds the compromise is “not viable”, he delivers legal certainty. President Frank Ulrich Montgomery said the last, the revised Clause will help women in distress, and attending Physicians. Similar to the professional Association of gynaecologists and the German society for gynecology expressed.

in Contrast, Green, FDP and the Left criticised the fact that Doctors are not likely to Pregnant inform. The Giessen gynecologist Kristina Hänel, who had been convicted, because they had listed on their website, and abortion as performance.

The information provided would be in the future is a punishable offence, said Hänel. Also a picture of a woman, which implies that women could be recruited on the basis of information for a termination of pregnancy stand behind the paragraph. This stigmatized and tabuisiere. In addition, crime it to streamline the office professionals.

Also in the SPD, there is displeasure over the compromise. The Federal Chairman of the Association of social-democratic
women, the MEP Maria Noichl, said the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Wednesday): The Reform of the Criminal law sections 219a to mean “a course of women and Doctors”. “Of course it will be in the parliamentary group votes against, I’m sure of it,” Noichl. The SPD-Left Hilde Mattheis announced according to the report, already no in the Bundestag: “I have positioned myself in this question is clear: policy should be guided by the majority. And the majority are women,” she told the newspaper.