After an Australian right-wing extremists on the 15. March to a mosque in Christchurch, new Zealand attacked and 50 people had been killed during the Friday prayer, went out of new Zealand many signals of reconciliation. Certainly not from the offender, but by many people of the island state, which showed openly their horror and their solidarity with the Victims, and not least by the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, the guns also in a rush, a ban on assault in your state. But if it is true, what is the Sri Lankan Deputy defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said that all it has used nothing. Since the terrorist attacks on Sri Lanka should be committed on weekend of Easter as a retaliation for the assassination in Christchurch.

On the first findings of the government indicated, said Wijewardene on Tuesday in the Parliament of the island state. The number of deaths increased, according to him, in the meantime, on 311 – including 37 foreigners. More than 500 injured will be treated according to the police, still in the hospitals. 42 people should be in custody. Including a Syrian citizen.


Sri Lanka, Negombo: A police officer is at the scene of an attack at the St. Sebastian’s Church

©Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP, DPA, Sri Lanka: revenge and hatred as a motive

Seven suicide bombers, including two Muslim sons of a wealthy spices trader, had blown up on Easter Sunday in the three churches, and three luxury hotels in the air. An extremist Islamist group with Links to the group’s National Thowheeth Jamaath have committed, according to the government the attacks, said Wijewardene. A desire for revenge and hatred, not Religion, would have motivated the offenders, he said.

The government is convinced that the perpetrators must have had help from abroad. “We do not believe that these attacks were perpetrated by a group of people that were on this country,” said Cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne. “There was an international network, without which the attacks wouldn’t have succeeded.” The terrorism expert Peter Neumann from King’s College in London considers to be likely. “I agree with this assessment,” he said in the ZDF morning magazine, because I can’t remember at all that we have ever had eight simultaneously held together and coordinated attacks.”

The jihadist militia of the so-called Islamic state claimed on Tuesday the assassination series. In a IS-a Propaganda mouthpiece for Amaq widespread communication, the perpetrators were referred to as “warriors of the Islamic state”. Such confessions of the now severely weakened the Islamist terrorist organization in the recent past, often without confirm.

emergency declared

in the Meantime, 310 Dead after attacks in Sri Lanka

dpa notes disregarded: “We bear the responsibility”

According to the words of Senaratnes was there prior to the attacks, notes on attack plans of the National Thowheeth Jamaath. Foreign intelligence services have already on 4. April about possible suicide attacks on churches and tourist destinations in Sri Lanka informed. “We have a responsibility, we are very sorry,” said Senaratne on behalf of the government.

Sirisena convened a three-member Team to investigate the series of attacks, and in two weeks the first report. The international police organisation Interpol announced that it plans to send specialists with Expertise in the areas of crime scene investigation, explosives, counter-terrorism and victim identification.

Christchurch new Zealand

Terrorist attack on mosques – at least 49 people shot.

DPA German politicians: “the increasing persecution of Christians”

had given The majority of the victims of the attacks in the churches, as Easter worship services were held. In the island state, about seven percent of the 20 million inhabitants are Christians. German politician of the CDU, FDP and the Green party defendant, against the Background of the attacks, the growing threat of the Christian minorities in many States.

“The Terror in Sri Lanka is a part of various attacks against Christians around the world,” said the Representative of the Federal government, for freedom of religion, Markus Grübel (CDU), the “world”. The former Union group chief Volker Kauder (CDU) told the “Bild”: “I see with great concern the growing persecution of Christians in the entire Asian region. Nationalist movements of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims are more militant.”

terrorist attack with 50 dead

Christchurch tribute to Victims – Ardern calls to humanity

Two weeks after the attack in Christchurch, new Zealand once again reminded of the 50 dead. The Prime Minister of the Muslim community thanks you for your level-headed response to the crime. Next week, the alleged offender must appear before the court.

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